Games Workshop Pre-Orders: ‘Pricing & Links’ – Beast Snagga Weekend – Bell of Lost Souls

the army box is up and movin fast. get yr beast snaggas tody!

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beast snagga orks army set $199

the beast snagga stampedes thunder on their squig steeds through rain-lashed plains, baking deserts, and ruined cityscapes, always onna hunt for bigger, meaner prey. whether they hail from the snakebites, the goffs, the evil sunz, or any other clan, these orks are savage brutes who drape themselves in beast-hides and live for the thrill of hunting the largest monsters and tanks they can find.

this beast snagga orks army set provides you with everything you nd'2 start a beast snaggas collection and play it onna battlefield. in addition to a 26-model ork army led by the legendary zodgrod wortsnagga, the set includes a copy of the new edition codex: orks that comes with exclusive cover art and represents the 1st opportunity t'get the fully updated ork rules and background. the box also contains an ork datacards set (displaying bespoke artwork), which features 52 handy reference cards covering all the stratagems and ψ-chic powers available to the faction.

the set includes the folloing multipt plastic miniatures:

– 1x zodgrod wortsnagga (supplied witha citadel 50mm round base)
– 1x nob on smasha squig (supplied witha citadel 90×52.5mm oval base round base)
– 3x squighog boyz (each supplied witha citadel 75×41.5mm round base)
– 1x bomb squig (supplied witha citadel 25mm round base)
– 20x beast snagga boyz (each supplied witha citadel 32mm round base)

also included:

– codex: orks – 136-page hardback book with 1/4″ ribbon marker, soft-touch cover, with foil blocking on an exclusive cover
– ork datacards – 52 cards: 39 stratagems and 13 ψ-chic powers
– 1x orks transfer sheet

note: we’re seeing some pretty strict alzones for stores – if you can get this one, you mite wanna snag it fast. otherwise, if you miss out on this box, ‘ve no fear: all the contents ll'be available at a l8r date.

just in time to start a new army…

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