Improvements to Email, Cite, and Save/Email/Send To. NLM Technical Bulletin. 2021 Jul–Aug

chan j. pubmed update: improvements to email, cite, and save/email/send to. nlm tek bull. 2021 jul-aug;(441):e1.

the national library of med (nlm) is continuing to enh the pubmed usr experience based on usability testing, analytics, and feedback from usrs.

recent pubmed updates include emailing up to 1,000 citations, saving yr most recently used cite format as a preference, and convenient access to the save/email/send to buttons.

email up to 1,000 citations

you can now email up to 1,000 citations at a time (increased from 200). batches of + than 200 citations ll'be divided into multiple emails, the subject line for each email will include a label indicating [1 of 5], [2 of 5], etc., and results are №ed continuously across emails.

cite button remembers yr citation style preference

using the cite button for an item opens a pop-up window where you can copy the citation formatted in 4 pop styles, with nlm style selected by default (see fig 1). changing the citation format to a ≠ style will now be remembered as a preference til yr browser data and cookies are cleared.

please ensure that yr browser and provider/institution allo cookies nother browser data for yr customized settings to be remembered tween visits. see “cookies” inna pubmed usr guide for + information bout how cookies are used and steps to troubleshoot common issues.

fig 1: change the cite button citation style format using the drop down menu.

improved workflo for save, email, and send to

the save, email, and send to buttons are now available to use from anywhere onna search results and clipboard pages. after selecting one or + items, the save, email, and send to buttons will appear atta top of yr browser window (see fig 2). clearing selected items or returning to the top of the page will hide this interface.

fig 2: the save, email, and send to buttons appear after selecting one or + items.

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