Telegram CEO’s Number Found on List of Potential NSO Spyware Targets

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photo: steve jennings (getty images)

pavel durov, ceo and co-founder of chat platform telegram, tis l8st person to be swept up inna ongoin scandal involving the nso group.


the guardian reprts that durov’s № was recently identified in a leaked list of some 50,000 cell phone records that researchers say represent “potential surveillance targets” of nso’s pegasus spyware, implying that 1-odda company’s customers may ‘ve been spying on him.

that list was recently shared with news outlets by amnesty international na french non-profit forbidden stories and has served as the basis for a broad investigation inna'da israeli surveillance firm’s business practices. it has included the phone №s of presidents, elder prime ministers, and a king, swell as journalists, lawyers, and political activists. the ultimate src of the data has not been publicly disclosed.

sfar, it’s unclear why durov ‘d be a target for surveillance—and tis unconfirmed that he is. however, the guardian reprted that the businessman was added to the list not long after he officially changed his residence from finland to the ∪d arab emirates—a reprted nso client. the outlet subsequently theorizes that it may ‘ve been a case of the uae government “attempting to run checks on their controversial new resident.”

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