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if you’re having a ♥ attack and you’re a woman, hope a ♀ dr greets you inna emergency room. a review of nearly 582,000 ♥ attack cases over 19 yrs showed ♀ patients had a significantly higher survival rate when a woman treated them inna er, according to seth carnahan of washington university in st. louis, pt of the project’s 3-member research team along with principal investigator brad greenwood of the university of minnesota-twin cities and laura huang of harvard university.
in fact, women had a better survival rate with ♂ drs who ‘ve a lotta ♀ colleagues inna er — though they’d still be better off witha ♀ physician. the results parallel similar studies of gender differences in med outcomes, but'a difference here, carnahan said, tis stakes.

“you ‘ve highly trained experts with life or death onna line, and yet the gender match tween the physician na patient seems to matter a gr8 deal,” said carnahan, associate professor of strategy atta olin business school.

the conclusions are central to a paper inna proceedings of the national academy of scis entitled “patient-physician gender concordance and increased mortality among ♀ ♥ attack patients,” coauthored with greenwood of minnesota’s carlson school of management na harvard business school’s huang.

though the topic focuses on med outcomes in a healthcare setting, carnahan said the conclusions are relevant to business cause the big picture is bout gender differences inna workplace. it’s a subject that has interested him for a long time, pticularly after hearing how his sister’s experiences in ♂-dominated workplaces differed from his own.

“interpersonal interactions, whether they are tween a dr and patient or a manager and a subordinate, create the core of an organization,” he said. “i’m very interested in how these interactions determine a firm’s performance and influence the lives of its managers, employees, and customers.”

the team reviewed a trove of anonymous med data from florida hospitals from 1991 to 2010. these data alloed the team to measure primordial factors like the age, race, and med history of patients, hospital quality and +. even accounting for these factors, the team found ♀ patients were less likely to survive a ♥ attack than ♂ patients and that gender differences in survival rates were the highest under ♂ physicians.

for ♥ attack patients treated by ♀ physicians, the gender disparity in survival rates was bout 0.2 %. iow, 11.8 % of men died, versus bout 12 % of women.

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