The DDO Chronicle: Issue 440


the damsels game run a ddo quest a dy on their tube channel! check out their variety stream channel over on tube.

ddo central is celebrating its 7th anniversary as an aggregator of ddo content! check ddo central out on twitter

looking to chat with other ddo players over coffee inna morning? check out vooduspyce’s twitch channel!

to nominate a player, email… w'da subject line “player spotlite”

guarden of the nite is an orien-based lil guild looking for a few + members to join them! read + onna ddo forums.

email… w'da subject line “guild hall” t'get yr guild featured!

where do you log out for the nite: where you plan to start nxt time, where you ended up, in a certain tavern, or someplace else?

comment onna ddo forums here and you ‘d win ddo points!

ddocast continues its review of update 50! watch and listen on….

ddo players has the l8st on update 50.3 and +! get the l8st show onna ddo players web site.

axel has a theory bout lfms! watch and hear his thoughts over on tube.

ddostream is yr 1st stop to find ddo on twitch! this week brock and friends prepare for a holidy, fris on ice quests in saltmarsh, and bard life prepares for a move to mons! 

also on twitch, deathy_tv roasts some monster mallos, brakkart does epic questing, and roughanna85 decides to go outside vrtly!

over on tube, samius gurobo runs a bladeforged melee, t4zzm4nn has a good feeling, and ice daemon heads inna'da mists!

kierya faces no fear while facing the demons of shavarath n'our 524th ddo screenshot of the week! thx kierya for sending in this week’s screenshot!

see the entire gallery on…!

click here to learn how yr screenshot ‘d be the nxt screenshot of the week!

  • ddo bonus dys bring you double daily dice xp through sep 12th!

  • this is yr final weekend t'get double bonus points! get twice the bonus points inna ddo store through sep 12th.

  • available for a limited time: tenser’s weapon box! available inna ddo store through sep 12th. 

  • store + loot! get 20% off:

    • toon bnks

    • shared bnks, deposit box, plat storage

    • inventory space

    • bags

    • now through sep 16th!

  • the weekly coupon get you a free lasting potion of resist fire (+20) x5 w'da coupon code: burnrelief, now through sep 16th!

that’s all for this week’s edition of the ddo chronicle. we’ll see you nxt time!

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