Watch the ‘Matrix Resurrections’ Trailer

it’s the trailer for the sequel we didn’t necessarily want — not after matrix revolutions, anyway. the 1st film, the matrix, was an instant cyberpunk classic and its sequel the matrix reloaded was a pretty good movie. b'tas a trilogy, the matrix movies are known for having gr8 ideas most of the way through, but bloing it inna third installment.

now, 18 yrs l8r, the trilogy becomes a tetralogy. will matrix resurrections bring the story of neo (keanu reeves), trinity (carrie-ann moss) and morpheus (yahya abdul mateen ii subbing for laurence fishburne) to a conclusion befitting its beginning? here’s the trailer:

many commenters are joking that the matrix resurrections appears to ‘ve merged neo w'da eponymous protagonist of keanu reeves’ john wick movies — and hey, those wick flicks are entertaining as hell. a wick-ified neo mite be a good thing.

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