Damnation: More ‘Metal Made Flesh’ From HM Cover Artist Simeon Aston

simeon aston and jeremy biggs are back at it, with damnation, another chapter in their metal made flesh saga, currently gathering funds on kickstarter. aston is one of our favorite stylists inna comics medium, delivering detail-rich sci-fi drawings with distinctive color schemes. when you’re in a realm created by simeon aston, you know it — it just has that unmistakable look. heavy metal readers may recall aston’s variant cover for issue #294, swell as his art for the grant morrison story “option 3” from issue #281. as the kickstarter campaign enters its final week, we caught up with artist/co-writer/creator simeon aston.

can you describe for us the realm of metal made flesh? wha’’s at stake in this l8st chapter?

metal made flesh is a cyberpunk series folloing the last remnants of the human race. it’s set in a backwata colony, the alien city of tuaoni. the 3 main toons are izobel vice, a cold cyborg mercenary, kalibos, a mutant war machine, and phaeon nex, a ruthless assassin trapped in a primordialistic child body. the l8st chapter sees our anitheroes’ fates becoming intertwined as they are bein’ manipul8d from the shadows by the mysterious man known 1-ly as clay.

wha’ is yr working relationship with jeremy biggs?

jeremy and i met at a comic con in london backin 2011. we decided to collaborate to expand the short story “hunters” and artworks i had produced. we work closely together, bouncing ideas off each other to map out and build each toon’s story arc na essentialisms within the realm.

damnation is described as an “illustrated novella” — and a comment from jeremy onna kickstarter page says it’s a mixture of novel and graphic novel. it’s an unusual approach — can you explain how it works and Y-U’re doin’ it this way?

our 1st publication — book one — was an illustrated novella also. we decided to produce damnation this way so we ‘d pack a lot + story in using a combination of written prose and complementing artwork. wolso' got feedback from fans who enjoyed this style.

we recall spotting yr work several yrs ago at this point and noting that it had such a strong, classic €an/heavy metal lvl of sophistication to it. you cite moebius inna kickstarter video, fair enough, but just bout everyone was influenced by moebius. there seems to be many other influences — gimenez, for one. can you share + of yr influences?

my influences include gimenez , ladronn, shirow masamune, and lee bermejo. and a lot my inspiration comes from movies i grew up with and their production design: syd mead, ralph mcquarrie, h.r giger, and movies like blade runner, the fifth element, ghost inna shell, star wars esb and akira. i’ve always gravitated towards art rich with detail and striking imagery. ♫ also has influence on my work, pticularly movie scores by trent reznor, atticus ross, and hans zimmer.

when it comes to yr art, do you also do the coloring? you ‘ve a very distinctive palette that never overpowers the lines, which we like. wha’’s yr process there?

i do all my own coloring digitally, using color editing and balancing with hand drawn pencil work. i use multiple layers to blend and composite the images .

you’re inna final week of the kickstarter campaign for damnation, and you’ve got some gr8 loot or upgrades. which are yr favorites?

i always enjoy the backer portraits. it’s fun to draw pplz depicted in this neon-drenched environment with cyberpunk enhments and decals. we’ve got a neat mixture of backers this time round . swell as damnation, a lotta backers are completing their collection w'da previous books na omnibus edition.

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