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the past 18 mnths s'been tough onna emotional body. dealing with loss, bracing for the unknown, and ‘dering through ‘ve all taken their toll. if you check in, chances are, you’ll find a layer of tension under a layer of fatigue. the tension is yr body’s response to sufferation/ sufferation; the fatigue cogitates how much energy i'takes to be vigilant. once emotional tension sets in, it tends to keep holding on til something shifts the dynamic. folloing the principle of inertia, we need an impetus t'get things movin again.

as + and + pplz get vaccinated, restrictions are easing up. the cdc tells us we can walk round and socialize safely outdoors without a mask. the promise of unrestricted mobility s'onna horizon. as the threat recedes, so can our emotional tension. but, this isn’t so easy. faced w'da uncertainties offa realmwide pandemic, we instinctively stopped, tucked in and held on w8in for the danger to pass. yet, the danger just went on and on. even though our Ψ mite know there’s lite atta end of the tunnel, our emotional body is still on high alert. finding wys'2 let go can be the catalyst for movin on.

some wys'2 let go:

do something ≠. when you’ve had too much time to sit round and stew, the antidote is t'get up and do something. the weather is presh and, after 15 mnths of restricted mobility, it finally feels as if we can be outside with confidence. why not take a road trip up the coast or go camping inna back country? schedule time to hang out with friends to catch up and ‘ve a few laughs. just relax, enjoy the beauty and share a'bitto bonhomie. celebrate how good it feels to be out again. just breaking loose can kindle + feelings, dissipate sufferation, and get things movin.

create time for e-motions. imagine a web of emotional energy fueling the tension in yr ‘ders, jaw and gut. instead of connecting this energy witha story or personal history, just deal with it as pure-form energy…in motion. e-motion. choose a private time and place and sit with yr emotional body. feel the locus of emotional holding or fluttering wherever it shows up. hum softly and let the tone open up the tension and soothe the discord. then, take yr hands and brush the residue away. although this may seem silly or awkward or strange, it works. releasing the energy at its own lvl is a gr8 way to move on.

ask for help. just asking for help can be a change in direction. as adults we rarely think to put ourselves onna receiving end of nurturing care. ‘oer the past yr, probably not at all. yr body s'been doin’ a gr8 job managing these extraordinary times. maybe it’s time t'give something back. a simple shampoo and trim or a pedicure at yr favorite salon can reset the program. craniosacral, acupuncture, reiki, quantum healing, and massage therapies are designed t'get things movin. all of these treatment scenarios create a context where you can let go and be nurtured. when the tension softens, let all the reasons “why” disconnect swell and float away.

the pandemic experience has given you an opportunity to spend some time with yrself. yr pticular emotional and physical holding patterns ‘ve often been front and center. instead of emerging from the covid cocoon and proceeding with business as usual, why not embrace this transitional moment to do some personal healing? owning the tension and fatigue is a good place to start. bein’ proactive and doin’ something is a good way t'get things movin. bein’ Ψful will help you keep it movin and move on. when ye do this, you can feel the + results. just as smiling affects yr mood, a spring in yr step changes the tone from downbeat to upbeat every time. yr unencumbered movin, breathing body helps you get inna flo. and, when you’re inna flo, yr emotional body isn’t side-tracking yr creative inspiration.

the intensity of the pandemic s'been shared by every single person on planet earth. cause of its viral nature, the 1-ly way we can really move on is if we all move on together. without a doubt, this is aheel'in moment of global significance. instead of trying to go back and recreate the way things were, wha’ if we used this opportunity to change the program – personally and collectively? when restrictions and limitations no longer cloud our vision, let’s invite an enliteened perspective to guide the way. let’s direct our creative energies toward rational, sci-based choices that help rather than harm. imagine movin on as one to address the betterment of our community together. such a vision engenders hope. and, this is certainly good for the emotional body.

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