The 19 Best Dog Foods For 2021

the dog food industry is home to thousands of options for pet owners, but all of these choices can sometimes be overwhelming—espeshly when you cogg that fillers, artificial ingredients, and not-so-gr8 meat essentialisms are often the standard for pet foods. when you want high-quality pet food, where do you look? ♣ily, we’ve taken the time to narrow down this enormous industry to just 19 options, so u don’t ‘ve to spend all of yr time doin’ the research. here, you’ll find the 19 best dog foods for 2021. we’ve reviewed ingredients, price, and + to determine which of the thousands of brands makes this comprehensive list, so read on with confidence.  

1. pupper beef blend  

pupper is 1-odda few brands that actually freeze-dries its dog food to ensure those tasty, potent nutrients stay locked into every bite. made with fresh, high-quality ingredients, this is 1-odda best brands out there tody. you can find this delicious beef blend online at…. a 1 lb. bag will cost you $59.99, and is 1-ly available onna company website. this premium dog food is yr best choice as far as price, ingredients, and quality of srvc go. order yrs tody and learn why pupper is trusted by so many as the healthiest dog food brand.  

2. pupper chicken blend 

pupper offers another blend, this time with premium, high-quality chicken as the main ingredient. everything is always freeze-dried to guarantee the potency of every ingredient, and pupper doesn’t sacrifice quality for cost. as w'da beef blend, you’ll get 1-ly premium ingredients in every bite, making it the perfect option for puppies and adult dog alike. this food is perfect for every breed and size and exceeds the standards of pet food you’ll find on store shelves. if you want yr doggo t'get the best, you nd'2 buy pupper! get yrs tody at… for just $59.99. 

3. taste of the wild high prairie blend 

taste of the wild wanna bring yr dog a balanced, nutrient-rich diet that’s closer to their ancestral diet than most dog food brands. where tody many brands fill their recipes with grains nother fillers, taste of the wild 1-ly adds necessary grains to their meat-rich formulas. you can find several blends complete with high-quality meats like bison, salmon, and free-range chicken onna company website and in many pet food/retail stores. this pticular dog food blend costs bout $48 on amazon and comes with bison and venison. it’s tasty, affordable, and comes with free shipping if you’re a prime member. 

4. wellness complete health (grain-free) blend   

wellness pet foods produces high-quality, nutrient-rich foods for dogs of all sizes, ages, and breeds. the complete health blend is both grain-free and rich in yr dog’s favorite flavors. it comes in many varieties, including puppy blend, deboned chicken meal, whitefish, lamb, lil breed, and large breed. this flexibility is wha’ makes wellness complete health a top-5 option on this list. this blend comes in a 24-lb bag and costs round $56 on most major retailer sites. you can buy this product on amazon for $56 + free prime shipping.  

5. nature’s logic dry dog food  

nature’s logic is a brand that’s both committed to the quality of its food na sustainability of its manufacturing practices. this certified plastic neutral product is made with 100% renewable electricity for a difference that can be felt across the globe. in a realm where our planet is sloly dying, brands like nature’s logic are stepping up to the pl8 to do their pt inna fite against climate change and pollution. everything is 100% all-natural, produced with ♥ and care, and features premium ingredients for yr dog’s health. you can get chicken, beef, pork, and sardine options for dry food, and a 25-lb bag is available on… for bout $66.  

6. diamond naturals beef and rice formula  

beef and rice go together in any form, and yr dog will ♥ this delicious, high-quality beef and rice blend from diamond naturals. made with 1-ly the finest natural ingredients, the blend is exactly wha’ dogs of all sizes nd'2 grow ☺ and healthy. this beef and rice formula contains 1-ly whole grain rice and pasture-rezd beef, so u know you’re gettin the best quality that mny can buy. yr doggo deserves the best, so give them the diamond standard with diamond naturals. a 40-lb. bag is available on amazon for just $35 with free prime shipping.  

7. diamond naturals all life stages grain-free blend 

this blend is perfect for pups at any stage in life, whether they’re just gettin their fting as a puppy or on their 100th hunting trip with you as an adult. diamond naturals takes pride in its wholesome, healthy ingredients, and this blend comes in several flavors. you can get chicken, beef, and + from diamond naturals, for a quality difference yr dog deserves. you’ll notice a change once yr dog starts eating better, na diamond standard tis place to start. you can get a 28-lb bag of this potent, healthy blend at… for just $41.  

8. whole earth farms dry dog food adult recipe  

adult dogs ‘ve ≠ nutritional needs than puppies and adolescents, b'that doesn’t mean they don’t still need the highest-quality, most potent ingredients that you can get. whole earth farms is a brand that takes both its ingredients and its pets very seriously, and you’ll notice the difference with every bite yr doggo takes. this dry adult recipe comes complete with no wheat, corny, soy, or by-essentialisms—1-ly wholesome chicken, brown rice, nother natural ingredients. a 25-lb bag is available on… for just $39.99.  

9. earthborn holistic adult vantage  

this chicken-flavored blend is be♥d by adult dogs all ‘oer the country fritz taste, consistency, and downrite impeccable ingredients. earthborn is a brand that takes a + holistic approach to pet foods, designing the recipes to be as close to a natural diet as possible. the dog’s ancestors ate similar foods, and earthborn lives'dat tody’s pet foods are too weighed down by fillers and artificial ingredients. protect yr dog’s health with earthborn adult vantage. a 25-lb. bag is available on chewy for just $51, + free shipping.  

10. earthborn holistic bison meal recipe 

bison are huge, roaming animals that once flooded the prairies of the western ∪d states. though their №s dwindled almost to extinction inna 19th and 20th centuries from excessive hunting, massive conservation efforts ‘ve seen the return of this iconic american creature. bison were hunted for meat nother essentialisms, but'a meat is where the real val is. bison meat is nutrient-dense and delicious, and earthborn’s bison meal recipe is just wha’ yr dog needs for a tasty, healthy meal. a 25-lb. bag of this delicious blend can be purchased on chewy for bout $51, and qualifies for free shipping.  

11. natural balance limited ingredient dog food 

when it comes to dog food, too many brands choose fillers over high-quality, potent, natural ingredients. that’s why natural balance aims to meet the need for high-quality dog food with its tasty, limited-ingredient dog food blends. the bottom line? yr dog is 1-ly gettin wha’ it needs—nothing +, nothing less. these simple and nutritious formulas are packed with gr8 ingredients yr dog will ♥ and you won’t feel bad buying. we nd'2 keep our best friends healthy, and with natural balance, that’s just wha’ you’ll do. you can get a bag of salmon, duck, or chicken-flavored dog food for just $54 for a 28-lb bag. available on amazon.  

12. eagle pack dry dog food original chicken and pork recipe 

eagle pack takes pets and their food to ♥, which is why the brand 1-ly produces the highest-quality foods fritz own pets and yrs. the difference that such ♥ makes inna food is tangible, and you’ll feel at ease feeding yr pup this high-quality chicken and pork recipe. packed with chicken, pork, brown rice, and all odda vitamins and minerals yr dog needs, this blend packs a punch at just $44 for a 30-lb bag. this is 1-odda + affordable options on our list and is available on….  

13. merrick grain-free real chicken and sweet potato recipe 

merrick is a pet food brand that started out in texas in 1970 and has since become 1-odda most trusted and well-respected brands inna industry. witha commitment to quality, srvc, and a ♥ for pets, yr doggo will taste and feel the difference this delicious chicken and sweet potato recipe makes. merrick always produces everything with gr8 care and strict quality standards, ensuring you’re gettin the best possible product atta other end of the line. you can get a 30-lb bag on… for just $74.99 + free shipping.   

14. merrick classic healthy grains blends chicken and brown rice recipe  

contrary to pop belief, dogs aren’t obligate carnivores. that means they need plant-based nutrients in their diets, and those come from quality whole grains in most cases. merrick coggs this, and offers a classic healthy grain blend to meet the needs of every doggo out there who needs + nutrition. inside, you’ll find potent, healthy grains inna form of whole-grain brown rice, + chicken for that added flavor and meaty nutrition yr dog needs. a 33-lb bag is available on… for just $74.99 with free shipping.  

15. merrick full src puppy recipe  

yr puppy needs an ample amount of high-quality food to keep himself goin, and with merrick full src puppy recipe, he’ll get delicious, freeze-dried, raw-coated kibble for optimal growth and nutrition. yr puppy needs the best food out there to keep up w'da demands of bein’ adorable, so give him merrick’s full src puppy recipe! a 20-lb bag of this premium puppy food costs just $74.99 and is available at petco.   

16. instinct grain-free blend with real chicken  

this grain-free dog food recipe also includes high-quality chicken from sustainable srcs, so u can feel good bout wha’ you’re buying na gr8 effects 'twill ‘ve on yr furry friends. you can buy a 22-lb bag of instinct’s grain-free chicken blend online at… for just $59.99.  

17. primal pet foods butcher’s blend  

this quality, premium food topper blend from primal foods is just wha’ you nd'2 spice up yr dog’s food with high-quality proteins nother nutrients. the beef blend is made 1-ly with grass-fed cows from the us, so u’re gettin high-quality, easily thawed bits in every bite. you can buy a 3-lb. bag of these delicious food toppers for bout $19.99 online.   

18. primal pet foods primal pronto blends  

when it comes to high-quality animal proteins, yr doggo needs nothing ≤ the best. this frozen blend from primal pet foods is perfect for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds, and offers several options, including duck, chicken, beef, and +. you’ll feel good knowing you’re giving yr pup the best in animal proteins from a brand like primal that takes its food seriously! you can buy this product online in most pet food outlets.  

19. chicken soup for the soul canned wet dog food 

wet foods can be an excellent treat for a hungry doggo, and they’re often made with tasty gravy nother potent ingredients that give them a unique and savory taste. this chicken, turkey, and duck recipe contains 1-ly high-quality proteins from fowl srcs, complete with carrots, brown rice, nother potent ingredients for optimal nutrition. dogs will ♥ the flavor, and you’ll notice a huge difference in yr dog’s health after a few mnths of eating this tasty recipe. you can buy a pack of 12 13-oz cans online from chewy for just $23.88.  

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