Retail Investors Will Drive A $1 Million Bitcoin Price

it’s time for retail investors t'get out o'their comfort zone, and spread the good word of btc.

to hodl btc is to ♥ btc. and ♥, bein’ the primary experience which we were set upon this earth for, ‘d be spread like pollen inna wind.

if you truly ♥ the pplz round you, you nd'2 be educating them bout btc. every single time a neg event occurs that is a direct result of the fiat standard that we livin', they must be reΨed of this. knowledge is power, and in a society witha crumbling monetary system, power is key to maintaining stability for yr ♥d ones.

a major benefit of btc is its ability to show its merits through reward, thus encouraging those who own btc to become even + aware of these merits. gathering knowledge through podcasts, essentialisms and communication is central to many btcers’ quests inna space — but this knowledge ‘dn’t be held to oneself.

upon cogging btc, the responsibility to share, promote and defend it must be ingrained within the btcer. amidst the fires of confusion and chaos, we can be bastions of truth and direction. with purpose, retail investors can simply demonstrate the + feedback loop of continued investment and growth in btc. those interested in humanitarian benefits ‘ve a vast realm of information to discover. and for tek ♥rs, there are limitless possibilities of wha’ ‘d be built with btc.

but inna end, tis incumbent upon those already orange-pilled to convey the message of btc to others. i'takes a concerted effort to reach out, educate and empower those who simply ‘ven’t been reached yet. and with this effort, we can truly bring btc to the masses, increasing adoption and driving the price of btc higher. this in turn will bring even further interest, as the self-rewarding loop known as “№ go up” tek continues to drive us towards hyperbtcization.

retail investors ‘ve the ability to drive us to a $1 million btc price all the sooner through their efforts to show btc to others — or btc will simply show itself.

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authors: casey carrillo


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