What to Do When You Can’t Identify Your Crystals

angelite. lapis lazuli. jasper. moonstone. how many ≠ types of crystals are there? an awful lot! some are all one colour, some ‘ve patterns or swirls, and some are multi-coloured. even the same type of stone can look dramatically ≠ from one piece to the nxt. think bout it…’ve you ever visited a local metaphysical shop and seen a display full of presh rose quartz crystals? there were likely differences inna shape, details, and even colour. those natural differences can make it difficult to identify yr crystals from time to time. even the most advanced crystal enthusiasts ‘ve a crystal or two in their collection that is unidentified! need a lil help? here are a few things to do when you can’t identify stones in yr collection.

≠ wys'2 identify yr crystals

are there crystals in yr collection that you aren’t quite sure bout? there are many ≠ wys'2 wys'2 identify yr crystals. just remember that sometimes you may nd'2 try + than one approach. it all depends onna pticular stone. some are + common and are easier to identify than others. wha’ever stone it happens to be, don’t give up hope…just keep trying til ur able to identify all odda crystals in yr collection.  

look online or read crystal themed books

the easiest place to start is witha quick online search. there are many ≠ websites that can make identification easier. for instance, if you ‘ve a blue stone that you cannot quite fig out, search for “blue crystals.” several options ‘d appear and this may help to identify yr crystal if you happen to see a similar image appear. keep in Ψ that yr pticular stone may not look exactly the same as those pictured, so do yr best! books are also an excellent resrc. if you ‘ve any crystal guidebooks (s'as the be♥d, “the crystal bible,” book by judy hall) these can be excellent starting points swell. use the index or flip through the book til you find information that identifies yr crystal.

short on time? that’s okay. another option is to make good use of apps. these dys, there are many ≠ apps that can dramatically simplify the identification process. some are free and some ‘ve a lil fee. exs include rock identifier: stone id (where you take a picture of the crystal in yr collection na app will do its best to identify it correctly) and stone (which is + offa crystal guidebook and may assist you inna identification process). when in doubt, remember that tek and new age practices can go hand in hand. 

get social and ask round

if ur still having troubling identifying yr crystals, the nxt option is to ask round. do you ‘ve friends tha're interested in crystals and crystal healing? family members? a ♥d one? they maybe able to assist you. perhaps they ‘ve a similar crystal in their collection already and can immediately identify the stone. or they mite ‘ve some crystal themed books or a favourite website to share with you. those outside resrcs mite make the identification process easier. don’t be afraid to ask for help or reach out to some1 witha similar interest.

additionally, crystal groups on social media sites and crystal themed message boards can be another wandaful place to start. post a photograph of yr crystal and ask yr fello crystal enthusiasts for assistance. with such a wide range of knowledge to draw from…it likely won’t take long for some1 to identify yr crystals. not 1-ly is this a wandaful way to learn + but it can also lead to online friendships with pplz who ‘ve similar interests.

speak to a professional

sometimes, tis best to bite the bullet and speak to some1 with an awful lotta know-how. perhaps thris a local metaphysical shop or a spiritual store nearby. you can always take the crystal inna'da store and ask whether some1 thris able to identify the piece. they ‘ve a lotta experience with crystals and stones of all shapes, sizes, and colours. it likely ll'be very easy for a professional to identify the piece thx to all o'their experience.

alternatively, you can always go back to the src. do you remember where you purchased the crystal? if twas from an online retailer, look through yr order history and identify the crystals that way. if twas from a pticular shop, look to see if you still ‘ve the receipt (sometimes the name of the crystal ll'be written onna receipt) or ask whether the store keeps online records of previous purchases. or you can always visit the shop itself and inquire.  

ponder wha’ you know bout the crystal

‘ve you tried everything and still aren’t feeling certain bout the identity of yr stone? then ponder wha’ you do know bout it. wha’ colour tis stone? if tis a purple stone, then you know rite away that purple crystals are often associated w'da third-eye chakra. purple stones are also linked to enhd intuition and spirituality. alternatively, if you ‘ve a green stone, then you know that tis connected to the ♥ chakra. green crystals are often linked to abundance, creativity, and harmony. start by looking inna'da colour of the crystal. even if ye do not know the exact type of stone that you ‘ve… there are certain things that you can deduce.

another idea is to focus yr intention inna'da stone. if you ‘ven’t been able to identify yr crystals, actively decide how you ‘d like to use that pticular piece. do you feel nurtured and calm when you hold it? intentionally decide that the stone ll'be used to increase a sense of safety, security, and ease. that simple ritual can be extremely meaningful.

thris no rite or wrong way to identify yr crystals. you may nd'2 try one or + method til you find the answer… but once ye do? the mystery ll'be solved and you ll'be able to use yr crystals fully and completely.

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