5 Ways to Improve the UX of Your Applications

application design tis biggest field of endeavour in tek atta moment. it seems that ever since apple launched the iphone that clever pplz are coming together to try and make our lives ever + interesting via the various app stores. yet, there are some simple things that these wandaful folks ‘d do to improve our overall usr experience:

1. stop using lengthy tours of features

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we’ll give you a hint; if an app is goin to be useful na' smartphone screen – it needo be simple. if you nd'2 use a lengthy tour of features to familiarize me w'da app; it’s incredibly likely that you’ve tried to shove too much inna way of features into this release. i don’t Ψ growing with yr app over a period of multiple releases but i am unlikely to read something the length of the bible in order to just try yr app out either.

2. review yr usr requests

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it can be very tempting when you’re na' tite timeline to iterate new releases t'get yr ideas from usrs without talking to usrs. that’s pretty easy to do for most app development teams – just get yr hands onna data that yr usrs send to yr support teams. you can quickly identify which features yr usrs want and where their frustrations are from that data rite? hold na' 2nd. by and large those pplz who contact support are those who ‘ve had frustrations; wha’ bout the 99% (or +) of yr usrs who’ve never spoken to support? ‘dn’t you rather keep on making them ☺ rather than devote yr time to keeping the 1% who use support ☺?

you still ‘ve to talk to yr usrs even if you think you know wha’ they want.

3. use the screen tek

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when pplz are spending the best pt of $1,000 na' smartphone; they want you to use all the bells and whistles o'their phone. there’s no excuse for skimping on retina display ready content (or indeed for ignoring any other major teknical capability). that’s why they paid their mny and yr ux can 1-ly be enhd by matching pplz’s expectations.

4. stop delivering over long set up wizards

this is a major pet peeve. i downloaded yr app, i installed it, so please, please just let me use it. i don’t Ψ giving you some data – inna spirit of making the experience better – but i ‘ve no intention of giving you my shoe size (unless it’s a shoe making application). it’s better to take data as n'when you need it rather than demand it all up front.

5. stop w'da notifications!

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my phone sounds like a ♫ box. every two 2nds some app or another is telling me something i didn’t nd'2 know. keep yr notifications to a minimum. i don’t nd'2 know every time that some1 inna realm tweets; i really don’t.


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