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hommlet is a humble village situated near 1-odda most infamous dungeons in greyhawk. come tour the village near the temple of elemental evil.

if you make yr way to the south eastern pt of the vicounty of verbobonc, ten leagues south-east of the city of verbobonc, and east of the lortmil mountains (just west of the gnarley forest) within the kron hills, you’ll find the village of hommlet, built na' crossroads tween verbobonc na wild coast, with additional roads leading onna the famous city of greyhawk swell.

hommlet is a lil, but thriving village. it grew from a humble collection of farms that, as roads brought questors and merchant wagons through the zone, became a + permanent fixture. tis home to the inn of the welcome wench, both a wheel- and wainwrite, n'it’s built very near 1-odda most evil places in all of greyhawk.

inna yr 566 cy, hommlet attracted the attention of thieves, bandits, kobolds, and goblins raiding the prosperous merchant caravans, and vulnerable flocks and herds. inna midst of all of this, an evil cleric established an evil chapel that steadily attracted + and + folloers, eventually boasting a grim and forbidding fortress. this whole complex ‘d come to be known as the temple of elemental evil, which was home to gnolls, bugbears, ogres, trolls, giants, and many evil humans.

the village of hommlet endured many a misfortune from the nearby temple as it suffered through earthquakes, storms, fires, and floods. unbeknownst to all a demoinc force grew inna bottom of the temple. but a gr8 host came to battle it, and an evil demonic presence was sealed away.

despite the decade or so of troubles, hommlet continues to be a propserous village. it features a druid grove, a temple to st. cuthbert, and even ehlonna and pelor are drawing worship from this place. though hommlet is a humble town, tis of gr8 importance to the realm of greyhawk. as twas from here that questrs were able to launch delves inna'da temple of elemental evil and if not for this humble village, zuggtmoy, the demon queen of fungi, ‘d ‘ve overwhelmed all of greyhawk with rot and decay.

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