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our physical body’s ability to hold a higher vibration of lite s'been accelerating since 2005. the purpose is to align with ♥, compassion and freedom and create a crit mass shift into a better humanity.

humanity has come a long way in personal growth in recent yrs which ultimately leads to a higher vibration. personal transformation work was mostly taboo til the 1970’s. even til the l8 1970’s, pplz (mostly women) were put inna mental institute iffey didn’t conform to wha’ society thought was normal. anything from bein’ rebellious to postptum depression to menopause ‘d land you there. my grandma sherman used to say, “if you ‘ve too many problems, you’ll n'dup at anoka state hospital.” i always figd a family member ended up there and she was giving a subtle warning. b4 the threat of the mental institution, thinking ≠ly than wha’ authority figs dictated gotcha tortured or killed. we’ve always had some sort of threat to our well-bein’ if we didn’t follo wha’ leadership, family and society wanted us to believe and do. even if the thinking didn’t make sense or was unfair.

we made some progress with personal development inna 1970’s. some pplz went to therapy but twasn’t common. therapy, til the 2000’s was mostly talk therapy which 1-ly helped minimally. working on self was like pushing a boulder up a mountain. everything was slo and arduous. now ψ-chologists ‘ve + tulz to help their clients. there’s also a variety of practitioners and energetic tulz to help you let go of the past and energetically heal yrself. you can learn how to use these tulz yrself.

many pioneers, s'as yrself, came to earth at this time to transform their personal, ancestral, other lifetimes and collective issues which in turn rezs d'body’s set-point to a vibration closer to the quality of ♥ which then helps everyone. when a certain %age of the pop rezs their vibration closer to ♥, it automatically shifts others to a higher vibration due to the interconnectedness of everybody and everything.

our transformation got accelerated in 2005. i began noticing upgrades showing up in my clients energy field to help them let go of the past + quickly. i started writing down the upgrades and energetic healing processes shown to me and began doin’ them on all client who were ready 4'em.

the 1st two transformational upgrade protocols were shown to me i called “disconnection from the collective shadow” (dcs) and “cellular activation” (ca). these two protocols help disconnect pplz from the heavier issues of the collective, remove blocks inna chakra system so we can let go of the past + fully, bring in life purpose codes, shift our aura to attract higher lvl experiences and bring in master energies to rez our frequency.

these two processes needed to be done sloly tween 2005 to 2008 and took round one yr to do on some1 since pplz went into deep processing from them. after doin’ dcs/ca, client’s emotions started coming up like they’d taken an emotional diuretic! despite the emotional and physical pain from these processes, the pioneers kept doin’ the work knowing, in their ♥s, they signed up to do this deep work for themselves and for the collective. now i'takes one session to do these two protocols and pplz feel gr8 afterwards! all cause we hit a crit mass shift due to + and + pplz working on themselves!

many new upgrades and energetic healing processes ‘ve been shown to me nother pioneers inna energy work field since 2005. these processes ‘ve liteened our physical self and brought in new insites, a higher vibration and + depth n'our relationships.

my take is we’re making an evolutionary shift in consciousness and becoming a new human species. we’re bein’ upgraded to know that “we're the divine.” everyone is—no exceptions. the hope s'dat earth’s highly polarized experiences can be lessened so we can enjoy a + harmonious existence with each other.

as we’re doin’ our personal work, the darker, denser problems of the collective ‘ve been coming up very quickly since our personal work affects everybody and everything since we're all interconnected. the difficulties n'our realm can be hard to see and ack. we’ve been in a pticularly dark time within the last couple of yrs due to covid-19. with t'has come fearful messaging, lock-downs, censorship and experimental therapies. however, these dark, dense problems ‘ve always been there in some form. we nd'2 be brave n'see wha’’s really happening n'our realm. we nd'2 follo our ♥s on wha’’s really truth so we can create a realm we desire.

the work we’ve been doin’ has prepared us for times like these. we’ve had our Ψ, emotions and body’s upgraded so we can handle the truth. we’re now gettin ready to move into divine truth along with actions that match wha’ we know to be true. let’s join hands and stand firmly n'our truth together to bring forth a better realm. we're the ones we’ve been w8in for.

many blessings,

maureen higgins owns wings of freedom, an alternative counseling and coaching business. she helps pplz be their best selves and recognize they are pt of the divine. maureen has developed numerous energetic healing systems. you can learn these systems through her classes and workshops. you can also experience them through her energetic healing audios. visit her site to try a free sample audio.

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