Major Banks Hit by Infuriating Customer Service Phone Outage

Woman stands in front offa McDonald's holding a phone
photo: oli scarff/afp (getty images)

a phone system glitch linked to verizon made it impossible for countless customers to call their bnks nother companies.


on wed evening, customers (including me) began contacting companies complaining that the customer srvc phone №s listed on their websites ‘d not go through, returning a “yr call cannot be completed as dialed” message or simply a busy signal. according to reprts on social media and g search activity, the outage appears to ‘ve affected capital one, td bnk, wells fargo, jet blue, and un№ed others.

gizmodo attempted to call customer srvc №s from each of these companies and was unable to connect the calls. however, it remains highly unclear exactly wha’ prevented customer srvc calls from goin through. in a twitter dm with capital one’s customer srvc deptment, a representative said the company was experiencing “teknical difficulties with our call centers” and recommended trying backin “2-4 hrs.”

in an email, a td bnk spokesperson said confirmed the outage and said twas rel8d to “toll-free № issues.”

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