The Weeknd on U.N. Goodwill Ambassadorship: ‘We Need to Save Lives for All People’

the weeknd was named a goodwill ambassador for the ∪d nations’ realm food programme at a ceremony thu in los angeles. the honor comes 6 mnths after abel tesfaye, the toronto-rezd son of ethiopian immigrants, donated $1 million to relief efforts in ethiopia during the conflict tween the nation’s government na tigray region.

“this is such a profound honor cause it’s bout gettin the opportunity to help an entire country and tens of millions of pplz round the realm who are sufferation from extreme hunger,” tesfaye said in a statement to rolling stone. 

“regardless of political lines and regions we nd'2 save lives for all pplz, regardless of where they live or who they are. cause pplz are dying and that is wha’ i care bout. it’s bout helping every single citizen of ethiopia who needs it, swell as pplz round the globe who rely on food assistance to stay alive, and i intend to do my best within the un realm food programme to do exactly this.”

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