FromSoftware Says Dark Fantasy RPG Elden Ring Has No Errand Quests As It Nears Completion – Bell of Lost Souls

the highly-anticipated dark souls-inspired rpg elden ring is nearly complete, na devs promise an “unusual map” and nary a fetch quest in site.

elden ring is one of those titles that feels like an urban legend–a new “open-realm” rpg from the makers of dark souls in collaboration with george r.r. martin? it’s been ru+d and/or in hushed development for yrs, but now it’s inna final phase of development, according to producer fromsoftware. atta “famitsu x dengeki autumn game dy” during the tokyo game show this past weekend, fromsoftware producer yasuhiro kitao spoke for bout ten minutes bout the highly-anticipated project.

kitao described the project as a “culmination of fromsoftware’s expertise in dark fantasy action,” goin onna say that it ‘d bring the same “high lvl of difficulty na sense of accomplishment of overcoming it,” swell as the “joy of discovering the unknown, na creation of the realm setting.” this jives with wha’ we generally know bout the project, but kitao emphasized the open-realm and “unusual structure” of the map during his video call swell:

“you can explore the open field and seamlessly visit lil to medium-sized dungeons within it. there are several types of dungeons to explore, s'as catacombs and auditoriums. atta end of the realm, we ‘ve wha’ we call ‘legacy dungeons’, which are huge castle-like dungeons like the ones in previous titles.

we ‘ve prepared a large field, b'we don’t ‘ve any errand quests, so players can go there or there as they like. however, there are no errand quests. thris also a system to help players avoid gettin lost.”

1-odda new essentialisms inna series are reimas, a sort of spirit/spectral horse that you can summon to roam the realm–but they’re also a way to fite yr enemies, as kitao explained:

“you can’t call them in dungeons, but you can call them inna field, and they ‘ve high mobility, s'as the ability to jump two steps, so they can reduce the sufferation of movin. you can also shoot a bow or swing a sword while riding a horse. when there are several enemies, tis easier to fite by gettin off the horse, but when fitin’ a big dragon, tis easier to fite by staying onna horse.”

players will ‘ve to contend w'da familiar souls-like difficulty and mite find themselves needing to lvl up a lil b4 approaching a given zone, but iffey are clever, they mite be able to make use of stealth and assassination to achieve their aims, as a stealth system similar to the one introduced in sekiro: shadows die twice is in elden ring.

it’s been a long time coming, but witha jan 2022 release date planned, elden ring is looking very good indeed.

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