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yr future starts with one intention

the dy we began work on this issue, 1st sep, was the 6th anniversary of dr wayne dyer’s passing – in fact, twas the 4th anniversary of louise hay’s transition out of this life too. i wanda wha’ wayne ‘d ‘ve made of this issue, which plays w'da idea of intention, manifesting and co-creating, all while we’re tucked up and enjoying the cosy change of seasons. autumn really is my favourite time of yr, w'da blue skies and red cutouts, but still, life can feel overwhelming for us all, espeshly after the last yr or two. my mantra for myself and my wandaful team onna mag: one thing at a time, one dy at a time, one intention at a time.

n'our glorious guest edit this issue, californian reiki goddess athena bahri leads us through our lunar rituals athenæum with crystal recommendations, moon bathing and + t'get yr winter into wellness. then, she shares how you can begin yr own energy work and healing, tuning inna'da earth’s energy to rez yr own vibes. while you’re feeling cosy, we’ve got a self-care ritual for every dy of the week f'our gurus (i ♥ thu’s), then meet yr woodland spirit animal and read their message.

ok, that’s the atmosphere, time to set yr intention! 1st, find out wha’ kind of manifestor ur (my result was ‘let it be’) and get introduced to intention master dr wayne dyer. try abraham-hicks’ soul intention wheel and print as many as you like f'our website, then explore hicks + through our gratitude writer sarit’s lens. stop procrastinating on yr dreams with life coach camilla sacre-dallerup, then grab yr tarot athenæum for 3 manifestation spreads to solidify yr intention. 'twill happen, so let the universe show you how.

our ψ-chics ♥ to answer yr ?s, then our columnists tell you how they’re cosying up in time for the winter solstice. don’t miss our spiritual sleep guide with lucid dreaming expert charlie morley, and delite n'our mny manifestation guru’s ritual t'get rich (told you we were setting big intentions this issue).

get ready for the star of the issue – the ultimate spiritual christmas gift guide! now the autumn equinox has passed, it’s never too early to think bout yule. check out yasmin boland’s moon forecasts and course russell grant’s horoscopes, and you’ll ♥ our archangel-abundant dec issue.

til then, merry manifesting!

♥ & lite,

rosalind moody, editor

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