Baby Cereal Sold at Walmart Recalled for Arsenic Levels

by robert preidt and robin foster
healthdy reprter

wed, oct. 13, 2021 (healthdy news) — maple island inc. anncd fri that t'has recalled 3 lotso' parent’s choice rice baby cereal cause of elevated lvls of arsenic inna essentialisms.

a sample from the 3 lots, which were sold 1-ly at walmart, tested above the guidance for naturally occurring inorganic arsenic, according to a company announcement onna recall from maple island twas' posted onna u.s. food and drug administration website. the heavy metal s'been tied to impaired development in children.

“research has shown reducing exposure to toxic essentialisms is primordial to minimizing any potential long-term effects onna developing brains of infants and children,” the recall stated. “fda has recognized that trace essentialisms s'as these are widely present inna environment, including wata, soil and food.”

the 8 oz. lots bein’ recalled were sold after apr 5, 2021, and include:

  • lot 21083 with upc code #00681131082907 witha best if used by date of jun 24 2022.
  • lot 21084 with upc code #00681131082907 witha best if used by date of jun 25 2022.
  • lot 21242 with upc code #00681131082907 witha best if used by date of nov 30 2022.

the best if used by date and product №s are onna bottom left corner onna back of the parent’s choice rice baby cereal packaging, the company said in a statement announcing the recall.

no illnesses rel8d to the recalled essentialisms ‘ve been reprted, according to maple island.

customers who bought the recalled baby cereal ‘d throw it out or return it to walmart for a full refund, the company said.

consumers can call maple island mon through fri, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. central time, at 1-800-369-1022.

last yr, the fda set a guidance lvl for naturally occurring inorganic arsenic, and in apr anncd plans to propose limits on arsenic, lead and mercury in baby food, cbs news reprted.

bout 4 mnths ago, beech-nut nutrition recalled some infant rice cereal sold nationwide after samples showed excessive lvls of arsenic,cbs news said. the baby-food maker said atta time that it ‘d stop selling the product over worries it can’t comply with federal limits on lvls of arsenic.

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consumer reprts has + on heavy metals in baby food.

srcs: maple island inc., news release, oct. 8, 2021; cbs news

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