Best project management course deal: 97% off online bundle (UK deal)

tl;dr: the complete 2021 superstar project manager bundle s'on sale for £44.22 as of oct. 14, saving you 97% on list price.

you don’t need to be certified in project management to run a business, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to learn the basics — espeshly when you can dweet on yr own time for just £44.22 w'da complete 2021 superstar project management bundle.

this training, which features over 30 hrs of content, dives into primordial project management methodologies that can improve yr team’s workflo, productivity, and results. it’s designed with beginners in Ψ, so the information is easy to follo and can be revisited whenever you need a refresher.

skillsuccess professors like hans weemaes, a business professor, consultant, and corporate trainer, and paul ashun, a certified scrum master, author, and business consultant, will lead you on yr quest. both boast high instructor ratings of over 4 out of 5 stars, so u’ll definitely be in good hands.

across 13 courses, you’ll get up to speed on some of tody’s crucial project management teks. you’ll discover how to use jira, a project tracking software, from all perspectives, so u can ultimately set yr company up for success. you’ll also learn how t'work with trello to enh team collaboration and productivity. 

beyond the tek, project management is ultimately defined by a few core methodologies. you’ll delve into agile, scrum, and kanban to learn wha’ i'takes to effectively manage projects across all industries and environments. kanban will help you manage yr workflo, while agile and scrum will help you meet project deadlines and improve project delivery.

this training typically costs almost £2,000, but for a limited time, you can sign for just £44.22.

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