The Danger of ‘P.D.B.’ (or Professor Dario Bava)

if you’re a fan of ’60s giallo horror and lurid €an comics, you’re bout t'get name-dropped to death: phil mucci is a filmmaker and writer whose studio is called diabolik films (name-drop ✔), and whas' created an action-horror toon named professor dario bava (name-drop ✔ ✔) billed as a “paranormal playboy.” the 1st graphic novel starring dario bava was the crowdfunded murder vibes from the monster dimension, written by mucci with art by mike dubisch and a variant cover by emanuele taglietti (name-drop ✔). mucci is currently inna final dys of crowdfunding the sequel orgy of the blood freaks! #1, on indiegogo, witha work-in-progress spaghetti western comic drawn by warren publishing/jonah hex artist vicente alcazar (name-drop ✔) called gringo loco: a dy l8 and a usd short, so stop by while you can.

mucci the filmmaker is promoting his comics with parodies of vintage psas alerting concerned citizens to the threats they pose to ’60s/’70s society. though some ‘d call professor dario bava a “comic” — it maybe + like a cancer:

in pt 2, note the animation demonstrating how the comic spreads “murder vibes:”

these videos descend from “frosting freaks,” a note-perfect psa/propaganda scare film that ties coloring (you know, with crayons) to communism and hippie drug culture, which is course a gateway to satanism. hey, concerned parents ate this crap up inna ’70s. “frosting freaks” promotes mucci’s previous project, pdb occult activity book (and spirit board!). occult activity book — wha’ ‘d go wrong?

to be fair to our friend phil mucci, we ‘d reiterate that these promo videos, while fun to watch, exist to pique yr interest in professor dario bava: orgy of the blood freaks! the video belo tells + bout the actual graphic comic book series, and you can learn + bout it atta indiegogo crowdfunding page.

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