13 Things You Didn’t Know About Costco’s $6.99 Pumpkin Pie

wha’ you didn’t know bout costco’s pumpkin pie | reader’s digest

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it’s costco pumpkin pie season!

can’t get enough of the costco pumpkin pie? you’re not alone. this delicious dessert is a big-time holidy favorite, bringing joy to hungry givers of thx since 1987. for many, it’s not thxgiving without it n'it’s earned its place as one of america’s favorite thxgiving traditions. espeshly if you feel that cooking thxgiving dinner is hard enough and you don’t wanna sufferation bout dessert, ponder adding it to yr list. for just $6.99 (yes, the price did go up a usd since last yr), you’ll get all the pie with none of the sufferation of buying, blending, and baking ingredients. 2021 ll'be the 34th yr costco has sold this pastry behemoth. thankfully, it’s stuck round and is not 1-odda things you won’t see in costco any+. +, find out if costco is 1-odda stores open on thxgiving this yr.

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it gets lotso' ♥ on social media

one thing that has changed bout the pie since 1987: its social media presence. f’bok has an entire page called “costco’s pumpkin pie,” started by fans and unaffiliated w'da costco corporation, that’s devoted to singing (er, posting) the prezs of the pie and even sharing memes bout it. check out these costco secrets you’ll wish you knew.

originally published: nov 19, 2021

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