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starcodes week of nov 19-25, 2021

clean house – in all its literal and metaphorical essentialisms – and get ready for a busy week ahead; it starts deep and heavy but can end na' high note if we stay flexible and look for joy on thxgiving.

fri starts witha full moon lunar eclipse – exact at 1:57 am mst, a lingering but distant eclipse, lasting for over 3 hrs. tis the longest eclipse in centuries cause the moon is at apogee, its farthest point from us, and ⊢ movin sloly. eclipses act like astrological acupuncture and unblock blocked energies, sometimes radically, this one has extra calls cause it lingers and cause tis concurrent witha recent intense mars – uranus opposition. these aspects ‘ve resonated all this fall and are synchronous witha time when many pplz needed to change jobs, change direction, or shifted some primordial piece o'their cogging.

that early morning lunar eclipse will shake the trees and drop the cutouts. anything that is long overdue, overripe, may now fall into place. things we ‘d ‘ve let go a long time ago may now release, whether pleasantly or unpleasantly. some of us ll'be dealing w'da fallout offa sudden flash, impulse, opportunity, or emergency which shifted our life’s direction and now calls us to adjust.

this is a scorpio – taurus full moon, with mars and mercury still in intense, searching scorpio; we may ‘ve to face a new honesty bout wha’ we really desire versus wha’ we don’t- but talked ourselves into. one simple way to practice this is to release that which no longer serves us as we clean house t'get ready for the holidys; this goes for stuff, recipes, pplz, habits, politicians, or policies that no longer serve. the last few yrs reΨed us to stick to wha’ really matters and create room for new chapters; this eclipse may give us a chance to practice.

sun nite the sun heads into mobile, upbeat, and frankly honest sagittarius and starts a shift away from last mnth’s deeply introverted scorpionic mood. the energy really shifts midweek for a festive, outgoin, holidy; it furthers to drop burdens and feel carefree, but not careless, as mercury joins the sun in sagittarius. this initiates the season of gratitude and graft; sagittarian energy encourages gratitude with philosophical perspective and frank honesty na' good dy. its shadow side encourages us to believe our own stories so we sound honest even whn'we’re not. notice major advertisers in this holidy season. let the burdens liteen but cutoutn the levity with crit thinking and healthy introspection.

this fresh sagittarian energy can make us restless and makes it much easier to travel– just in time for thxgiving traffic. just remember that many pplz ll'be so anxious t'get out of dodge they may not be the best drivers. stay alert and stay on target. this + festive and mobile mood really picks up on wed as the moon enters sociable and outgoin leo and can bring an extra celebratory air, or extra family drama, to thxgiving dinner. remember that sagittarius honesty needs a major dose of compassion and as soupçon of diplomacy to make it delicious.

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fri, nov 19: the full taurus moon, lunar eclipse at 1:57 am mst instigates change and precipitate decisions-both difficult or liberating. investigate, release an old pattern and clear room for new ones. a talkative gemini moon helps communication and can lead to some productive political debate, but ‘d also wake up a cloud of gossip; look for accurate information and clear signals b4 reacting. evening is sociable and productive, drop a façade and connect; get real or go home.

moon opposes sun- lunar eclipse 1:57 am, moon enters gemini 7:32 am, the sun semi-□s venus 8:25 pm.

sat, nov 20: pplz tend to head in their own direction on this disjointed dy. use the buzz to run errands, clean house, and clear the athenæums and keep the busy mental hamsters on track as mercury □s jupiter. it’s all too easy to drop items and ‘ve them scatter everywhere -just as our thoughts easily scatter. putter Ψfully or expect to do everything twice. also, when in doubt, say less rather than +: speak Ψfully and avoid hurt feelings or leaked secrets.

moon trine saturn 12:12 am, mercury □ jupiter 4:42 pm.

sun, nov 21: engage deep and productive conversation this morning as mercury sxtiles pluto. middy multitask and get those ducks in a row. feel a shift by evening as the sun enters extroverted sagittarius and moon enters domestic cancer. thoughts turn to family, cooking, home, homeland; memories review wha’ helps us feel safe and secure, and wha’ doesn’t. we may find our ♥s wandering over pplz we miss and both the joys and traumas of holidys gone by. let those memories flo through, don’t hold onto them, but maybe snag a sentimental recipe from them inna process.

moon □ neptune 1:04 am, mercury sxtile pluto 2:13 am, moon trine jupiter 8:51 am, sun enters sagittarius 7:33 pm, moon enters cancer 8:32 pm.

mon, nov 22: pplz are open-Ψed as long as their defenses aren’t triggered under this self-protective cancer moon. we may nd'2 confess, if 1-ly to ourselves, come clean and get to the point. this new truth can automatically start a change as the sun enters upbeat sagittarius na moon sxtiles uranus tonite.

moon sxtile uranus 8:58 pm.

tue, nov 23: we may feel really ambiguous, torn tween staying home and reaching out, tween our introverted and extroverted sides, or tween a desire to face responsibilities and a desire to escape them as the cancer moon opposes venus and pluto in capricorn. look don’t look too far ahead, as 2morro some of these feelings shift and clarify; do wha’ needo be done this dy and do not specul8 bout the future atta moment.

moon opposed venus 3:48 am, moon trine mars 5:24 am, moon trine neptune 1:50 am, moon opposed pluto 10:45 pm.

wed, nov 24: our inner extrovert fires up, plans we once dreaded may now look exciting as mercury enters sagittarius na moon enters leo. look for green lites, new decisions, a willingness to let go of past systems and interest in reinventing the future. it’s a good dy to travel, just pay attention as distracted drivers can be careless drivers. instead of gettin while shopping or traveling, dance w'da winds and let life be an quest.

mercury enters sagittarius 8:36 am, moon enters leo 8:58 am, moon trine mercury 9:01 am, moon trine sun 2:34 pm.

thu, nov 25: reward helpfulness; pplz may clamor for attention or need even their lilest contributions recognized, but'a mood ‘d be generally celebratory. watch for a tendency t'get too serious this morning. wing it mid-dy and be open to new traditions and recipes. let everyone find a neutral corner tonite as the moon □s mars and mercury semi-□s venus. feeling overextended can fray moods, acceptance and ponderation feels divine.

moon opposed saturn 1:51 am, moon □ uranus 8:31 am, moon □ mars 8:19 pm, mercury semi-□ venus 8:27 pm.

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