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proof assistant communities ‘ve grown quite a bit l8ly. they ‘ve active zulip chats: lean, coq, agda, isabelle. these are good for discussions, but less so for knowledge accumulation and organization, and aint indexed by the search engines.

i ‘ve ⊢ created a proposal for a new “proof assistants” stackxchange site. i liv'dat such a site ‘d complement very well various zulips dedicated to specific proof assistants. if you favor the idea, please support it by visiting the proposal and

  • becoming a folloer (you ‘ve to be a reged usr witha verified email account),
  • asking sample ?s, and
  • upvoting good sample ?s.

to pass the 1st stage, we need 60 folloers and 40 ?s with at least 10 votes to proceed to the nxt stage.

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authors: andrej bauer


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