uber new creative tulz for owners of the jupiter-x and jupiter-xm synthesizers

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los angeles, ca, nov 16, 2021 —roland announces two uber creative tulz for all jupiter-x and jupiter-xm synthesizer owners. the vocal designer model expansion brings the company’s acclaimed vocal synthesis tek to the jupiter-x range, opening up a new realm of expressive possibilities w'da dynamic toon of the human voice. roland cloud connect unlocks instant access to an ever-expanding universe filled with thousands of iconic sounds and expansions using just a mobile device na included wireless adapter.

vocal designer model expansion
the most expressive instrument inna realm tis one inside us all—the human voice. w'da vocal designer model expansion, players can add the warmth and expression o'their voices to synthesized sounds, complete with deep customization options to craft unique and memorable tones. roland has a long history in vocal synthesis, including the famous vp and v-synth keyboards. now, the vocal designer model expansion brings the pinnacle of this uber tek to the jupiter-x and jupiter-xm.

after connecting a microphone to the rear panel of the jupiter-x/-xm, the vocal designer model expansion allos all types of synthesizer sounds to be controlled and modul8d with vocal input. this enables the perelder to create otherrealmly textures that blend the organic expression of the voice (the modulator) witha synthesized tone or instrument sound (the carrier). the vocal designer model expansion includes 26 ≠ vocal synthesis algorithms witha wide range of customizable options. and any zen-core tone can be us'das a carrier, offering a staggering № of sonic possibilities.

in addition to all-new sounds, the vocal designer model expansion offers classic vocoder sounds derived from the legendary vp series, including choir and ensemble tones, robot voices, and +. and despite its name, the vocal designer model expansion isn’t js'4 voice. it’s possible to use nearly any analog audio or usb input src as a modulator, including drum machines, guitars, circuit-bent toys, daw audio tracks, or anything the usr can imagine.

roland cloud connect
roland cloud connect is a uber new system that revolutionizes sound expansion for the jupiter-x and jupiter-xm, providing wireless access to new sounds on demand. after plugging the included wc-1 wireless adapter into their instrument, owners can use the ios/android mobile app to browse, audition, and install sound packs, wave expansions, model expansions, and + from roland cloud. there’s a comprehensive search engine for compatible content, and selections automatically synchronize w'da usr’s roland account and roland cloud manager software na' desktop computer.

the purchase of roland cloud connect provides an entire yr of the pro membership tier of roland cloud. included is unlimited use of over 30,000 sounds, + the vocal designer model expansion nother model expansions for hardware or software instruments. there’s also a full library of authentic roland vrt instruments for daw production, including zenology pro and legendary series titles like the jd-800, jx-8p, juno-60, tr-808, tr-909, and many +. and for creating onna go, the zenbeats and zentracker ♫ production apps are available swell. after the 1st yr, usrs can renew or scale their membership up or down to meet their needs.

support for the vocal designer model expansion and roland cloud connect is included w'da free version 2.0 update for the jupiter-x and jupiter-xm.

availability & pricing

the roland vocal designer model expansion is available now as a lifetime key for $149 through roland cloud, or tis also included with roland cloud connect pro membership.

roland cloud connect ll'be available in jan 2022 through authorized u.s. dealers for $99 and includes the wc-1 wireless adapter swell as one yr of roland cloud connect pro membership for hardware and software.

for the full press kit, including hi-res images, videos, and +, click here.

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bout roland corporation
for nearly 50 yrs, roland’s innovative electronic ♫al instruments and multimedia essentialisms ‘ve fueled inspiration in artists and creators round the realm. embraced by hobbyists and professionals alike, the company’s trendsetting gear spans multiple categories, from pianos, synthesizers, guitar essentialisms, and electronic percussion to dj controllers, audio/video solutions, livestreaming essentialisms, and +. as tek evolves, roland continues to lead the way for gigging ♫ians, producers, and beatmakers, providing modern software-based solutions and seamless creative workflos tween hardware essentialisms, computers, and mobile devices. for + information, visit… or see yr local roland dealer.

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