CVS Health, Walmart and Walgreens Played Role in Opioid Crisis

by robert preidt and robin foster
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thu, nov. 24, 2021 (healthdy news) — cvs health, walmart and walgreens contributed to opioid overdoses and deaths in two ohio counties, a federal jury in clvland found tue.

the 1st jury verdict in an opioids case came inna closely beheld test case and may prove encouraging to plaintiffs in thousands of lawsuits across the ∪d states using the same legal strategy — that the companies contributed to a “public nuisance,” the new york times reprted.

that argument was rejected this mnth by judges in california and oklahoma in cases against opioid manufacturers.

the ohio case tis 1st time the retail side of the drug industry s'been held accountable inna u.s. opioid crisis, the times reprted. cvs health, walmart and walgreens are 3 of the nation’s largest pharmacy chns.

folloing the verdict, the trial judge will decide how much each of the pharmacy chns will ‘ve to pay lake and trumbull counties in northeastern ohio, the times reprted.

the counties’ lawyers said the 3 companies turned a blind eye to suspicious opioid orders for yrs. eventual oversite requirements were “too lil, too l8,” said mark lanier, the counties’ lead trial lawyer, the times reprted.

overdose deaths from illegal opioids ‘ve reached record lvls during the covid-19 pandemic, new u.s. government data show, the times reprted.

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