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get to know holly:

how ‘d you describe the modality that ‘d be yr main srvc to others?

i ♥ offering the absolute highest quality nutraceuticals tha're clinically-tested t'work, and exceed organic standards.  i educate and guide others n'how to deeply nourish their bodies and address the √ causes of illness and lo energy.

when did you 1st feel the desire to share this with pplz?

i began using these essentialisms almost 20 yrs ago, and experienced a huge shift in my energy and overall health.  for the 1st time in my life, i felt clear, sustained energy, and was able to make it through the work dy without sufferation or exhaustion.  my digestion normalized, my skin issues cleared, and my overall mood improved dramatically. as i became aware of how nutrient deficiencies and toxins were atta √ of my issues, a deep passion was born within me to help others overcome their own health challenges and experience increased energy.

who ‘d you ponder to be yr gr8est teachers?

the creator of life, and every person i encounter.  i’ve learned that health is much + than a physical experience.  it’s the quality of our relationships, our relationship with ourselves, and our relationship with god.  while i ‘ve personally experienced truly radical shifts (including na' spiritual lvl) by becoming physically healthier, i am also aware that ultimately it’s the ♥ we give and receive that leads to a sense of deep fulfillment.


wha’ ‘d you like to be doin’ in 5 yrs regarding yr work?


i ‘d ♥ to continue helping others achieve optimal health, and offer counseling that addresses the full-spectrum of healing; including spiritual, mental and emotional health.  i ‘ve dreamed for many yrs of opening aheel'in center, to help those who may not be able to afford that lvl and style of care.  i believe if a'pers who is sufferation with health issues was given a place they ‘d afford to be for at least a mnth, and were given organic food, nutraceuticals, nother health-inducing modalities…their bodies ‘d naturally heal.  i dream of having the resrcs t'offer gr8r care for those in need, and to witness their healing processes 1sthand.

if you were able to ‘ve a conversation with 3 pplz living or not, who ‘d they be and why them?

this is a pretty tough ? cause there ‘ve been so many amazing souls who’ve left their mark on our realm!  how to choose?

jesus, cause his teachings, and life of humility and sacrifice are awe-inspiring!

jfk, cause i ‘d ♥ to ask him some ?s.  he was a truly gr8 president, and i believe thris so much + we ‘d ‘ve learned from him.

my l8 friend moritz who crossed over much too young.  he was an incredible soul with so much mystery and pain within him.  i ‘d let him know how much he is ♥d and missed, and i ‘d ask him ?s i never had a chance to ask.


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