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tekno is just one angle – the lifeblood of ♫ tween detroit and berlin is a relentless underground drive that hustles harder. if you need some odat mojo now, here’s both a pay-wha’-you-will compilation and a free soundpack w'da likes of tyree cooper, sarah kivi, and eric d. clark.

the selection runs hard from top to bottom, but wha’ you won’t get is another conservative take on genre. this is a full-course trip through bass, experimental, hip-hop, house, pop, and yeah, that one that precedes both towns’ reputation, tekno. but this selection hits the gas (erm, wanna say full-throttle s-bahn?) straite from the uber opener, 6zm remixing tiffadelic. if anything, it probably helps burnish berlin’s + recent image – there’s no on-trend grayscale instagram tekno here. wha’ you hear instead is some kindred spirits inna german capital, ready to take on something dirtier and groovier.

and yes, if you need that detroit sound in yr productions, you can grab loops, sounds, and samples from the soundcloud playlist belo.

the project is created by yr mom’s agency with goethe-institut chicago. (you mite even go as far as calling this friedrichshain-kreuzberg x motor city x chicago.)

cdm is an official media ptner. berlin-based springstoff tis label ptner (and you can buy the release from them, too).

let’s meet the contributing artists 1st.

new remixes:

tyree cooper, the legendary house legend – yeah, the tyree cooper of “turn up the bass” fame.

sarah kivi, rising finnish-iranian star of venturous pop ♫ and now on team berlin.

eric d. clark, a hero odat friendship tween the us and germany, the american-born artist who shaped a lotta how disco, house, and tekno ‘ve evolved in germany. producer, singer, wha’ever he takes on, he’s left big hits in this decade na 3 b4 it, collaborating with everyone from justus köhncke to peaches to giorgio moroder.

all 3 of those are exclusive to this release.

and you get tyree cooper remixing detroit-to-berlin artist alan oldham for an even bangier banger. sarah brews a potent electro remix of dimitri pike – the detroit tekno militia artist who’s been =ly tween house and tekno, detroit and chicago, berlin na midwest. and +:

6zm: istanbul->berlin artist melding ambient, experimental, and tekno influences, who nails that pitch-perfect tiffadelic remix.

tiffadelic: the self-described “princess of darkness” and a massive exploding talent out of detroit.

malonda: “electric diva” from the german side of the pond; transport to another planet once she teams up with tiffadelic, basically.

daddymother: the mythically prolific project of pierre papamere (detroit, mi) espeshly with lekie (asheville, nc); you get not one but two soul-rejuvenating tracks here, with –

vlqr: aka valquire, an open-ended germany-based experimental project – their live and genre-fluid ♫ianship shines through in a punchy-tough ass-movin operation here.

obtibob: a + recent moniker for none other than rene dittmar, so some1 witha deep history back to 90s berlin nitelife in cookies, tresor, and sage et al, who also makes a brilliant combo with daddymother.

taj bel is another detroit native gr8 but while the others here started out with nitelife history, check out her early history in ballet, with no ≤ judith jamison and alvin ailey troupe. “some of us are trying to survive” and “body / do you embody / wha’ i'takes to make it to the top?” are fitting lines for the moment, for any-1’s hustle.

andreas krach over here in berlin is a multitalent, a hypernerd, at home with experimental noise and zero-input ♫ and upbeat pop. sometimes he dresses as a robot, fashioned out of cardboard boxes.

ko na knockouts is a band out of detroit – the kind of off-kilter stuff eric d. clark eats for lunch; that combo makes loads of sense. yes, i said a band – kids in berlin may ‘ve to look up wha’ that is, but they’re a thing. imagine like a group of djs playing atta same time without records. (sorry, ‘dn’t resist / just seeing who’s reading down this far.)

+ ed boop, strip down, and wavelords all make appearances, too – new to me but ♥ the results. that is utterly dreamy, the tiffadelic / ed boop / strip down outing that closes this out.

♥ those sounds? grab the sample pack and make yr own productions – let us know wha’ you create and we mite even share some of yr work on cdm. (full tracks above on bandcamp; the sound content to use is available belo on soundcloud.)

the pack is cc-by-sa licensed, so if ye do use the sounds, you nd'2 make yr resulting track remixable, too – but do that, and give us a lash out!

detroit x berlin soundpack

coney island chili dog, currywurst (both available vegan if you need), it’s sound that’s filling like that. (w8, tyree cooper is in there, too, so … drag one of those hot dogs through the garden in honor of chicago.)

big thx to goethe-institut chicago and yr mom’s agency for making this happen.

goethe-institut chicago

yr mom’s agency

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authors: peter kirn


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