Razer Has a Smart Home App, and Yes, It’s All About the RGB

A screenshot from a Razer YouTube video
a still from one of razer’s past promotional videos for philips hue integration. this aint rel8d to razer’s smart home app announcement, but it sure looks like the vision ahead!
screenshot: razer / tube

i admit it: i use razer’s mechanical gaming keyboards and its smart lites to create a'bitto an ~aesthetic~ in my office. and pplz like me are the reason why razer launched a smart home app fritz chroma rgb litin’ ecosystem.


it’s not a bad idea. after all, razer’s made a name for itself with its black gaming peripherals beathenæumed in over-the-top, colorful rgb litin’. razer plans those to unify those accessories, including smart bulbs and lite fixtures from other brands, in its new smart home app.

razer already has planned integration with + than 50 hardware ptners and 200 games. and third-pty smart lite brands ‘ve already signed on, including nanoleaf, lifx, yeelite, monster, and twinkly. razer is hoping its ces 2022 announcement will entice + companies to come on board.

notably missing from the mention is signify’s philips hue, 1-odda + pop smart bulb ecosystems. thris native philips hue bridge integration through razer’s synapse pc software for existing razer usrs, which syncs up yr bulbs w'da lites onna gaming keyboard.

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