Michiko’s Reign of Truth

by emily teng

emily teng is a realmbuilding game designer for magic: the gathering.

healing after the kami war was not an easy task. yrs of war and strife had taken their toll upon the land and its inhabitants. the √ cause of the kami war was still largely a mystery to the citizens of kamigawa, and mistrust and animosity ran deep. to undo the damage her father had caused, michiko konda took onna task of restoring peace and harmony to the land, ptnering w'da gr8 kami kyodai to do so.

this ptnership was met by fear and suspicion. to most inhabitants of kamigawa, lord konda had been their protector gainsta enraged kami. such a close collaboration tween lord konda’s daughter na child of o-kagachi was shocking and unnatural, and michiko’s efforts were met with resistance on all fronts. michiko realized that for kamigawa to truly heal, pplz needed to know the truth. with kyodai’s blessings, she revealed the origin of the kami war.

in l8r times, historians ‘ve been able to say that michiko’s actions led to true healing and paved the way for harmonious collaboration tween mortals and kami. atta time, however, it created even + difficulties in her attempts to restore the plane. many resisted michiko’s attempts at restoration, citing her lineage as lord konda’s daughter as proof that she was not fit to take onna task. there were also those who continued to resist, refusing to accept the truth. but michiko never wavered in her resolve. twas her belief that truth and action were the 1-ly solutions to redressing the sins of the past.

this elaborate folding fan depicts michiko in her role as truth-bringer, healer, and unifier of kamigawa. though she refused the title of emperor in her lifetime, the title was applied posthumously, styling her as the 1st emperor offa new kamigawa. onna fan, she’s depicted wearing clothes patterned w'da konda crest, which she wore throughout her life, signaling her refusal to shy away from her father’s legacy or cutout it hidden inna shadows.

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authors: by emily teng


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