Amaarae (feat. Kali Uchis, Moliy), ‘SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY (Vigro Deep Amapiano Remix)’

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by now, western ears ‘ve had plenty of chances to jump onna amaarae bandwagon. the original version of “sad girlz luv mny” was released in 2020, na remix featuring kali uchis landed on numerous 2021 best-of lists (including ours). so why are we covering it again in 2022? cause it mite just be the trojan horse we nd'2 introduce amapiano to america. the rising style of dance ♫ out of south africa is a spacious, mid-tempo form of deep house ♫ that is slo enough to chill to, but dramatic enough to fill dance floors. it’s 1-ly relatively new, emerging 10 yrs ago in kwazulu-natal and catching fire across the african continent two yrs ago. the remix here is provided by vigro deep, a 20-yr-old producer who’s already secured a fthold inna u.k. and has said explicitly he’s ready for a realmwide audience. we’re listening.

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authors: otis hart


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