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dear binancians,

we use this thread to consolidate any support ?s or queries into one place.

please keep in Ψ that for the safety na privacy of our usrs, we do not ask for, or otherwise provide account-specific information on reddit. please cogg our intention, and cooperate with us by starting a chat with our official support for us to be able to assist you. please do note any support requests outside of this thread will not be attended to, thx for cogging.

click here for official binance support. make sure you login and provide yr email or phone №, select yr issue from the options, if yr issue wasn’t answered click ‘unresolved’ and type ‘human’ to interact with our live support team, then click ‘okay’ to proceed.

do not hesitate to help yr fello binancians as long as their inquiry is a general one, however attempting to engage in sensitive matters, or providing wrong information will lead to the comment bein’ removed.


how to post bout yr case

please follo this format:

  1. comment on this thread with yr case id (please ensure yr case id is still valid b4 posting)

  2. provide a description of yr issue (we’ve included a few common problems belo)

if yr case gets resolved, please delete yr comment. or, at least update it to say resolved. this will help usrs that still need help get the attention they need. thank you!

please note: we can’t help you unless you provide us witha valid case id. usrs with binance us cases will ‘ve to refer to r/binanceus

t'get a case id you must start a live chat with support. click here, select ‘unsolved’ and type ‘human’ to join the live cs queue. the case id ll'be shown far left of the top bar – alternatively, you can see yr case id inna email or text you receive upon initiating the chat.


common problems & solutions

1. crp withdrawal suspended

● you receive a message saying ‘withdrawal suspended due to risk control’ and ‘ve been trying to unlock yr account.

● don’t worry, yr funds are safu. our agents will try their best to help unlock the withdrawal – please coordinate with our team and provide relevant information when prompted to do so.

● withdrawal risk can be triggered by a № of reasons. risk control is extremely primordial. please note that we can 1-ly help you if we deem yr case to be legitimate, if you ‘ve attempted to hack an account and request for unsuspension, you ll'be unsuccessful as we ‘ve processes in place to prevent this.

our team works extremely hard to resolve these issues as soon as possible and some cases can take time to resolve but please keep in Ψ the reason for this is to ensure you, our usrs, are safe.

cases replied by our mods are already inna escalation process. a longer w8 after escalation = our team is working hard at investigating the issue. if there are any updates to the case, our agents will reply to you directly inna chat.

please refrain from leaving multiple messages in this thread if yr case has already been escal8d.

2. security issues

● reprt hacked accounts and funds.

● difficulty to reset 2fa and gain access to yr account.

3. fiat deposit & withdrawal

● fiat (not crp) is taking longer than expected to arrive in yr bnk / binance account.

● involves intermediaries s'as bnk transfers or buying crp with credit/debit cards.

note: it can take up to several working dys for the mny to be credited to yr accounts. you can find + faq here

4. us persons accessing old binance.com… accounts for offboarding & withdrawal of funds

● yr funds are safu. if you experience issues with withdrawing remaining funds, follo the above steps t'get to our live chat queue – our agents will try our best to assist you w'da offboarding.

5. trading system nother account issues

● spot, margin & futures trading

● p2p disputes

● binance visa card transactions

● unable to complete kyc

● any other issues

please follo the format stated above, yr case cannot be escal8d if ye do not follo this process and yr comment maybe removed. folloing the format helps us classify and identify the issues, escal8 them to our relevant deptments and get everyone’s problems resolved. spamming the feed is unfair to other usrs and will result in a ban.

thank you!

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