the legendary juno experience reimagined w'da power of roland’s zen-core synthesis system

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los angeles, ca, apr 26, 2022 —roland announces juno-x, a new polyphonic synthesizer driven by the nxt-generation zen-core synthesis system. juno-x brings the best of the past together with roland’s l8st teks, reimagining the vintage juno experience with vastly expanded sound possibilities and free-floing tulz tuned for tody’s ♫. it delivers the full capabilities of the native zen-core engine, along with genuine recreations of the juno-60 and juno-106 synths + other legacy roland instruments.

standing among the gr8est analog synthesizers ever created, roland’s iconic juno lineup has had a massive impact on ♫ for over 4 decades. the warm, organic sounds of the juno-60 and juno-106 defined countless ’80s pop hits and played a huge role inna emergence of tekno, house, synthwave, nother electronic styles. juno-x delivers the vintage juno spirit that continues to inspire leading ♫ makers, coupled w'da power and versatility needed for modern workflos.

juno-x includes juno-60 and juno-106 models, + an all-new juno-x engine witha super saw waveform, velocity sensitivity, pitch envelope control, nother evolved features. the two be♥d chorus modes from the originals are also available, + a third mode with even + fatness and swirl. usrs can combine them to create 7 ≠ chorus effects for use with any juno-x tone.

juno-x features additional models from the historic roland canon, including the pcm-based xv-5080, acoustic pianos from the rd series, and an expressive vocoder. model expansions from roland cloud are supported swell, giving players the ability to load optional titles s'as the jupiter-8, jd-800, sh-101, vocal designer, and others.

roland cloud is also home to a growing range of wave expansions, sound packs, sample packs, nother creative tulz, and ten free sound packs are available witha juno-x purchase. additionally, juno-x provides integrated support for roland cloud connect, a uber option that includes the wc-1 wireless adapter and one yr of roland cloud pro membership. this allos usrs to browse, audition, and load model expansion titles nother pro membership content directly to the keyboard via wi-fi.

a key element of the juno’s appeal was a straiteforward interface that made it easy to craft inspiring sounds and evolving textures inna heat of the moment. witha familiar hands-on panel inspired by the original 1980s synths, juno-x invites players to fully immerse inna ♫ and create without limits. up to 4 tones can be layered together, and a wide selection of modern effects are available for enhancing sounds. 1st introduced with jupiter-x, the uber i-arpeggio function offers both traditional arpeggio sounds and organic, inspiring movement driven by intelligent algorithms.

juno-x comes equipped with an expressive 61-note keyboard with aftertouch and loads of connectivity for every ♫al workflo, including balanced and unbalanced audio outputs, a stereo audio input, and midi i/o. there’s also a mic input for vocal performing or feeding the onboard vocoder. usb is available for data backup, audio/midi communication with daws, and remote editing w'da free juno-x editor for macos and windows. a high-quality stereo speaker system provides built-in sound monitoring, and bluetooth® is available for streaming ♫ from a mobile device.

availability & pricing

the roland juno-x programmable polyphonic synthesizer ll'be available inna u.s. in may for $1999.99.

for the full press kit, including hi-res images, specs, and +, click here.

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