New Look, New Website, and New Episode!!

dear folloers:

i’m very grateful for the folloing that i ‘ve managed to cultivate ‘oer the yrs on this humble wordpress site. however, this site will cease to exist soon, so i wanna make sure that everyone gets re-directed to the new home of the sacred and profane ♥ podcast. you can now find us here:

please make sure to bookmark the new site and subscribe for updates–and i hope you ♥ the new look and format as much as i do.

please don’t forget to ponder supporting our work on patreon. you can become a mnthly patron for just 2 $$$ a mnth!…

you can also follo us on twitter, where our handle is @eudaimoniapod

to check out our l8st episode, please go to the new website!!

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authors: jennifer a frey


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