You can print your own lipstick thanks to YSL — but is it worth $300?

when a product blos up on tiktok, you know the out-of-stock alerts are soon to follo. 

ysl’s lipstick creator, the rouge sur mesure, has quickly become the beauty tek product on everyone’s lips, as tiktok usrs wax poetic bout the seemingly simplistic contraption’s ability to instantly elevate yr makeup look. 

the hype’s not for nothing, pondering the rouge sur mesure’s unfussy exterior belies its innovative tek. the device relies on l’oreal’s perso smart skincare system, which debuted at ces in 2020. 

back then, perso, still a prototype atta time, was touted as an ai-powered skincare printer that relied na' paired app to create a custom dollop of goods for the skin solution you needed most.

in its current iteration, the same primordialistic tek is now working toward a much + colorful goal: custom lipstick shades. after pairing the device with yr smartphone, you can design curated shades to match yr outfit and try on new looks in real time onna front-facing camera — all while saving yr creations inna app. 

will this pricey product take yr beauty look to the nxt lvl? credit: ysl beauty

it’s every beauty maven’s dream come true (hence the tiktok hoopla), but at $299, + $89 for each ≠ color cartridge, it doesn’t come cheap. thus, the age-old ? emerges: spend the big $$$ onna ridiculously mythic, ai-powered makeup gadget du jour, or keep a couple hundred usds in yr bnk account? 

that’s where we come in. inna debut episode of mashable’s beauty, hacked, a series where we dig inna'da sci and tek that makes beauty innovation exciting, tek reprter jennimai nguyen puts ysl’s contraption to the test.  

her verdict? well, you’ll wanna see it in action 1st. tune into beauty, hacked‘s debut here, and make sure to follo along for future episodes.

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