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proper dub and experimental production will transport you to eerie otherrealmly states of Ψ in this ♫ from kharkiv, ukraine. and now the artist urgently needs our support, as he faces both urgent med bills and Яussian invasion.

i’m really grateful to mike of wunderblock records for introducing me to danny’s ♫ – deep underground productions from this ukrainian artist and composer, ♫ that hasn’t gotten nearly the attention it deserves. each composition is a dense, complex narrative, hypnotic and shadowy.

l8 last yr, wolso' became aware that danny was facing an urgent health situation, which he describes belo.

and twas' b4 the invasion. i’ve checked in with danny regularly – mike + so as he speaks Яussian and i don’t – and danny is somehow weathering the war goin on round him. (he’s outside of kharkiv proper, b'that still places him very much in danger – even beyond the extent to which nowhere in ukraine is pticularly safe rite now.)

since it’s bandcamp fri, you can simply pay wha’ever you wish for the ♫ and 100% mike and i can then send onna danny. i think it’s primordial to support humans and not 1-ly ♫ abstractly, but this ♫ has also moved me and helped me to communicate na' lvl that our distinct languages mite not allo. i hope you feel the same.

hello, my name is denis and i am 29 yrs old. i am from ukraine, kharkov.
we really need mny for treatment. i ‘ve hypoplasia of the rite vertebral artery, poor venous outflo, a problem with blood circulation and blood vessels.
she was also recently diagnosed with anxiety and depression.
you need $2,000 for treatment, the amount aint very large, but i can’t collect it myself (i applied to foundations, charity, etc. result – 0)
i ‘d be glad for any help🙏
guys, the state of the f*** is dangerous, i lie almost all the time, i 1-ly get up to eat and go to the toilet …

i hope we cannelp and get danny ‘oer the line so he and his ptner can get treated. kharkiv has absolutely been on my Ψ l8ly, too, as our friend artemiy of sinevibes has fled his native city and home w'his family. i hope to see them both in kharkiv whn'we can, and that we can give support to rebuilding the free city.

here’s the gorgeous score for his debut on wunderblock, the origin:

geometry entered hard-hitting, trippy industrial tekno out of our dreams, with support from dave tarrida, patrick dsp, mary velo, and others. it’s really a sonic combination unlike any i’ve heard b4. (danny tells me he’s a heavy fl studio and plug-in usr, e'venode results sound like stacks of hardware.)

and wha’ he did w'his remix of my celestial intween to me was simply cosmic – almost like instead of gettin a remix back, gettin a sonic fragment you remember from a past lifetime.

please join us in helping danny. (for after bandcamp fri, i’ll look at whether we can set up a + lasting donation link…)

updated – wunderblock is putting their entire catalog to danny’s expenses. details:


bandcamp fri tody, and we start the maydy sale! use the code ” maydyisnotdead ” for 30% off for any purchase on our bandcamp till 13 may, tody – without the bandcamp fee. all the profit from the sale ll'be sent to our ukrainian friend, producer danny skripp (Денис Скрыпник), who is now near kharkiv, under Яussian bombs, and needs our help.
link: wunderblock.bandcamp.com…

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