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starcodes for the week of may 6-12, 2022

we maybe at a familiar place onna spiral as mercury stations to turn retrograde, b'we’re not goin back. note the differences this time round and build momentum towards the future, whether this is a personal issue or bout women’s rites. stories of the past ‘d trigger old personal or cultural traumas that still need work, mars in pisces can cutout us feeling overwhelmed, but venus and jupiter in aries reΨ us that we're truly fierce and ready to move forward.

moods can fluctuate confusingly like spring weather this week cause the planets give us so many ≠ signals; in a challenging moment that tension can scatter us in 5 directions, in a good moment they can balance each other out and cutout us standing inna center. so let’s break down the influences and how t'work w'dem.

the sun in earthy taurus encourages us to plant and sow, √ and grow, though the rest of the planets ‘ve other work in Ψ. when the existential whirlwinds pick up we can tune into that taurus earthiness and work or wander inna garden. this waxing moon is wandaful time to plant seeds- pticularly vegetables on fri under the cancer moon and nxt tue through fri for herbs and floers under the waxing virgo and libra moons. our Ψs and politics may get confused this week, but our hands will know wha’ to do.

mercury retrogrades on tue in its own nervy and verbal sign of gemini. a gemini mercury normally speeds up our conversation and helps us multi-task but this stationary mercury can cutout us spinning our wheels or spacing out. it ll'be easy to drop ball, to mar boldly into to the kitchen and forget why we’re there, send an email to the wrong person, or misconstrue some primordial piece of information, so let’s stay alert and follo through with care.

expansive jupiter joins venus in feisty, fierce aries on tue and amps up the power of femi9 divine. expect intense flashes of temper round wha’ we ♥, hate, and care bout. this venus cannelp us respond to the emergencies of wildfires with grace and efficiency and to attacks on women’s rites with power but can also ‘ve us react to a minor problem as if it’s a conflagration unless we modul8. mars now in pisces can cutout us easily hurt or overwhelmed unless we handle one problem at a time at a time. yet with all these planets together we can create brave radical acts of compassion.

jupiter stays in aries til it retrogrades back into pisces in oct. jupiter in aries screams for liberation and fans the fires of many ≠ kinds. jupiter in aries calls for liberating action but doesn’t bring agreement on wha’ that means. think on this-wha’ truly brings freedom.

fri ‘d waft with some bittersweet emotions, our search for safety can push against our desire to connect compassionately under a busy cancer moon. ‘oer the weekend a leo moon encourages are extraversion and action orientation. but to really refill our wells we nd'2 hear wha’ we need an honor that, rather than just giving in to other pplz’s expectations. which can run straite into mother’s dy issues. mothers, mother figs, and mother issues may feel the need for attention and appreciation under this leo moon, but they may not need a lotta time; we can balance offerings and still take time for personal renewal.

communication slos down early nxt week as mercury retrogrades in gemini, 'twill help to keep talking b'we’ll nd'2 track our thoughts, memos and to-do lists carefully. gossip and shallo thinking can proliferate miscogging, so we’ll nd'2 confirm everything heard for the nxt few weeks, pticularly when it’s in line with our own opinions and ⊢ a place where we’re less likely to ask the tough ?s. let’s keep our crit thinking intact and follo through.

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fri, may 6: a kindly mercury-venus sxtile encourages compassionate neighborly actions under duress. we may need this kindness as the introverted cancer moon opposes pluto tonite and brings our attention to our vulnerabilities or make us painfully aware of the dangers of the realm. we may just need some shell time alone or with our most familiars, or to find some other way to feel safe. keep expectations lo and share comfort.

mercury sxtile venus 12 am, moon sxtile sun 1:03 am, moon trine mars 1:34 am, moon trine neptune 7:12 pm.

sat, may 7: it’s a good dy t'get out, bout, and tend to personal needs as the sun sxtiles active mars na moon enters leo. wha’ever feels unheard will clamor for attention, whether that’s an ache n'our body, an issue n'our relationship, or a problem n'our culture or ecosystem. that’s when the drama starts. if we listen carefully and respond appropriately, the drama dies down and good things can happen. inna long run, it ll'be much easier to listen. share potential enthusiasm tonite as the moon trine venus, we need something to look forward to.
moon opposed pluto 2:58 am, sun sxtile mars 3:47 am, moon trine jupiter 4:25 am, moon enters leo 5:49 am, moon sxtile mercury 2:58 pm, moon trine venus 6:01 pm.

sun, may 8: find a balance tween personal needs and family obligations. reminisce ‘oer the best moments of the past rather than try to create new cogging inna present as mercury slos down to retrograde. our true gift can be our attention under this leo moon. be ready for a spontaneous shift in plans middy as the moon □s uranus, take turns rather than squabble tonite as the moon □s the sun.

moon □ uranus 11:41 am, moon □ sun 6:21 pm.

mon, may 9: it’s easy to feel old and creaky til we get goin this morning, b'we can turn that stiffness into organizational ability as the leo moon opposes saturn. cranky pplz who think they’re in charge may want details to feel + in control. although our brains maybe sloing down as mercury stations, we can use a productive burst l8 inna afternoon to batten down the hatches and sketch out plans as the moon enters efficient virgo. pplz maybe edgy tonite, let them be cranky for a few minutes; don’t laugh at them but do look for the humor within the situation.

moon opposed saturn 6:38 am, moon enters virgo 4:53 pm.

tue, may 10: take a break or practice patience as mercury retrogrades this morning at 5:47 am mdt. we may wanna push forward and do everything rite, b'thall be tricky as mistakes or minor accident mite pile up under a self-improving virgo moon and as venus semi-□s saturn. slo down and appreciate the moment, and then move forward with care. jupiter enters aries tonite and we wanna rebel against old problems that ‘ve returned. take the time to dweet rite.

moon □ mercury 2:09 am, mercury turns retrograde 5:47 am, jupiter enters aries 5:21 pm, moon trine uranus 9:27 pm, venus semi-□ saturn 10:32 pm.

wed, may 11: uncertainty bout the future or magical thinking can make it hard to see the road ahead. expect layers of both confusion and direction as the virgo moon forms a grand earth trine with pluto na sun- bisected by an opposition tween the moon and neptune. clarify the goals and action follos naturally. jupiter semi-□ uranus and encourages needed change but can cutout us feeling unsettled.

moon opposed mars 6:17 am, moon trine sun 8:01 am, jupiter semi-□ uranus 2:54 pm, moon opposed neptune 3:16 pm, moon trine pluto 9:59 pm.

thu, may 12: ?s of romance na need for social justice are brought up as a cooperative and friendly libra moon opposes venus in aries. we ‘d feel fierce but still wanna solve the problem without an argument so will nd'2 find creative wys'2 make a point. don’t get caught by stories from the past, deal w'dem but do so in aheel'in way.

moon enters libra 12:34 am, moon opposed jupiter 1:01 am, moon trine mars 8:54 am, moon opposed venus 9:49 pm.
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