Seven Ways To Improve Your Spiritual Health – Your Spiritual Revolution

yr spiritual revolution was founded by amitt parikh in 2007 and s'been published as a mnthly emagazine. in 2021 yr spiritual revolution started offering unique integral healing srvcs and essentialisms for the wellness of Ψ, body and soul.

all our healers are personally selected and vetted by founder amitt parikh, and we work with 1-ly advanced healers having several yrs of professional experience, successful healings apt from bein’ highly spiritually evolved.

amitt parikh is a modern mystic, an author, an intuitive life coach and above all a seeker of the truth. he has 25 yrs of experience inna it industry and s'been onna spiritual quest for the past 3 decades working with diverse healing modalities and belief systems of east and west under various masters.

yr spiritual revolution offers you an opportunity to channel the rite energy & transform the negativity into positivity w'da help of naturally charged healing essentialisms atta best prices. every product & srvc offered by yr spiritual revolution is highly effective & curated to encourage spiritual awakening of the Ψ, body & soul. witha panel of experienced healers, we ‘ve now extended our spiritual aids by providing the highest quality energetically charged essentialisms & accessories too. check out our integral healing srvcs and shop now page for better insites bout the offerings and order spiritually enliteened essentialisms!

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