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authentic recreation of roland’s 1st jupiter synthesizer, now available as a legendary series plug-in and system-8 plug-out through roland cloud

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los angeles, ca, jun 16, 2022—roland announces the jupiter-4 software synthesizer, the l8st addition to the legendary instrument series available through roland cloud. released in 1978, the jupiter-4 was roland’s 1st polyphonic synthesizer na 1st to carry the jupiter name. w'da jupiter-4 software synthesizer, the authentic sound of this trendsetting icon is now available as a computer-based plug-in and a plug-out for the system-8 synthesizer keyboard.

roland essentialisms w'da jupiter name represent the current pinnacle of the company’s synthesizer development, a benchmark started over 4 decades ago w'da jupiter-4. in addition to incredible analog synthesis power, it brought then-revolutionary digital voltage control na ability to store 8 presets with tekal wizardry dubbed “compuphonic.” but'a jupiter-4’s real appeal was its warm, fat voice and inviting hands-on panel, which inspired synth pioneers to create the defining sounds of synth-pop, new wave, nother emerging styles of the l8 ’70s and early ’80s.

roland’s evolving analog circuit behavior (acb) tek brings the jupiter-4 to life through careful analysis of original hardware units, circuit diagrams, nother historical data. this information is then used to recreate the authentic circuit behaviors of the vintage instrument—including all the be♥d quirks and instabilities—giving the jupiter-4 software synthesizer a breathtakingly accurate sound that buzzes with unique toon.

while the jupiter-4 1-ly has a single vco, it sounds +ly massive, thx to the combined toonistics of its oscillator, filter, lfo section, and +. acb brings all these essentialisms together like the original hardware, capturing the behavior and component interactions to create sonic magic. goin further, uber new circuit mod and condition controls allo usrs to adjust the overall toon to suit their taste.

the jupiter-4 also includes enhd features for modern workflos, including extended oscillator range, adjustable noise, velocity sensitivity, sub-oscillator volume control, and a flexible arpeggiator. in addition, phaser, flanger, overdrive, reverb, and delay effects are available to complement the lush ensemble chorus effect from the original keyboard.

the plug-in flos easily into modern daw environments witha resizable ui, support for vst3, aax, and au formats, and native compatibility with apple silicon. it also offers full integration w'da roland system-8 synthesizer. usrs can control the software plug-in from the keyboard’s panel, and plug-out functionality turns the system-8 into a standalone, 8-voice jupiter-4 for stage and studio playing.

availability & pricing

the jupiter-4 software synthesizer tis newest member of roland’s legendary series on roland cloud, which includes plug-in versions of the jd-800, juno-60, jupiter-8, tr-808, tr-909, nother roland classics.

usrs can select two legendary titles w'da pro membership lvl for $99/yr, or get full access to all titles with ultimate membership for $199/yr. all paid lvls—including core and pro—start witha free 30-dy trial of ultimate, alloing usrs to try out the jupiter-4 nother ultimate instruments, effects, apps, and +. in addition, any roland account holder can purchase lifetime keys for individual legendary series titles. this provides unlimited access for as long as their account is active, even iffey don’t ‘ve a roland cloud membership.

the jupiter-4 is pt of the analog polysynth collection, a new legendary series bundle that also includes the jupiter-8, juno-60, jx-3p, and juno-106 software plug-ins. the bundle provides lifetime keys for all included essentialisms and offers a savings of nearly 40 % over purchasing individual titles.

for the full press kit, including hi-res images, specs, and +, click here.

to learn + bout the jupiter-4 software synthesizer and roland cloud, visit….

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