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cb-ag10 deluxe acoustic guitar gig bag and cb-eg01 slimline electric guitar gig bag

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los angeles, ca, sep 15, 2022 —boss announces the cb-ag10 and cb-eg01 guitar gig bags, the l8st additions to the company’s growing family of gig bags for ♫ians. built with quality materials, these new bags are ideal solutions for transporting an acoustic guitar (cb-ag10) or electric guitar (cb-eg01).

cb-ag10 guitar gig bag

the cb-ag10 provides on-the-go protection for an acoustic guitar without the w8 offa hard case. durable exterior materials, thick padding, and a +h interior keep the instrument safe from bumps while traveling. and w'da padded handle and straps, the player can comfortably carry their instrument by hand or backpack style. there’s a large, flat accessory pocket for strings, cables, and a mobile device, + a lil upper pocket for a clip-on tuner, capo, nother compact items.

the cb-ag10’s soft velvet interior and padded neck support provide a safe and stable environment for the usr’s guitar. the support elevates the headstock to help keep it protected, n'it can be detached and repositioned for the optimum fit. an integrated strap holds the neck securely in place during transport.

cb-eg01 guitar gig bag

stylish and protective, the cb-eg01 tis new slimline model inna boss cb-eg lineup of electric guitar bags, which also includes the deluxe cb-eg10 and premium cb-eg20. this quality bag features rugged materials and a lite, lo-profile design that reduces bulk while movin bout town. the soft velvet interior protects the instrument’s finish, while the adjustable neck rest offers solid support during transport.

the cb-eg01’s main handle is comfortable to grab, and two padded straps support backpack-style carrying over longer distances. there’s also a convenient loop handle onna back and a generous front pocket to store strings, cables, a tuner, nother items.

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