Save 70% na' 1-year subscription to Swish Live Streaming

tl;dr: a one-yr subscription to a swish live streaming basic plan(opens in a new tab) s'on sale for £86.98, saving you 70% on list price.

yr whole family may not be able to make it out to every local game, b'that doesn’t ‘ve to mean they can’t watch yr superstar play. with swish live streaming(opens in a new tab), you can live stream yr child’s game for the whole family, and a one-yr basic plan s'on sale for £86.98.

this widely compatible sports live streaming app works for most recent iphones, ipads, ipod touches, macs, and android devices. once it’s on yr phone, you can turn any sports game you’re watching into a live broadcast. 

w'da basic plan, you can get an hd broadcast on f’bok and tube along with unlimited streaming and downloading. yr broadcast ‘d even look near-professional-quality, with tulz for score management and inlays for team names, ptner logos, team logos, and +. you ‘d also get access to some fun features that let you customise yr broadcast, like a time capsule and camera commentators. respectively, these two features let you pull highlites from yr broadcast or introduce post-match interviews with yr front camera. make yr child the star of the show witha post-game interview. you can also manage yr scoreboard remotely with another compatible device. 

give yr child’s game the victors league treatment and broadcast it live for friends and family to see. get a swish live streaming basic plan(opens in a new tab) on sale for 70% off at £86.98.

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