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if you’re creating any content online, sooner or l8r, you’ll reach a point where diy just isn’t enough. shooting video, animating, and editing is enough work without having to supply all the dialogue. +, high-quality voice acting can be expensive. so if you ‘ven’t pondered using ai voiceovers, you ‘d know the tek has come a long way. case in point: micmonster.

text-to-speech apps are nothing new, but'a quality of default voices on this buzzworthy tool is impressive, and that’s b4 you dive inna'da many customization options. in fact, micmonster earned 5 stars on appsumo and 4.5 out of 5 on bloggersideas. if you’re just starting out w'da platform, it’s easy enough to come up with “voice talent” onna fly.

simply enter yr own words or c&p blocks of text inna'da engine, and you’ll receive clean, easily coggable speech. you can generate voiceovers for up to 12,000 toons at a time, then merge yr sound files if need be to create yr own narration for any content. it works =ly well for podcasting, audiobooks, corporate training videos, and narrations on tube nother outlets. you name it!

wha”s +, you can tailor the voice to fit yr message. you can choose from 500 voices in over 120 languages, na templ8s span a broad range of genders and ages with national and even regional accents. once you find the voice you like, you can select a voice style that gives it an emotional delivery, s'as sadness, excitability, or anger. you can even fine-tune individual words or sections by adjusting the pitch, emphasis, and speed.

mkters, in pticular, will find a ton of applications for this tool. rite now, micmonster is offering lifetime access to ai-based voiceovers for $59 or ½ off. that’s the best price you’ll find online!

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