15+ best early Black Friday smartphone deals: Save today on top iPhone and Android phones

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i ‘dn’t blame you if you’ve held off on upgrading yr smartphone all these mnths. for one, it’s always helpful t'get a scope of wha’ every manufacturer has t'offer with their l8st handsets. and 2ndly, discounts and sales are + significant than ever w'da current state of the economy

still, for how primordial smartphones are to our daily lives, when it’s finally time to buy a new one, you’ll want a device that is both capable and reliable enough to last you for yrs down the road. while black fri officially kicks off in a week’s time, you don’t ‘ve to w8 til the dy after thxgiving to feast on smartphone savings. i’ve scoured the digital catalogs of the most pop retailers to gather the best mobile deals belo. read on and start saving. 

l8st black fri smartphone deals

along with our top picks belo, these are the l8st smartphone deals that you ‘d take advantage of

best black fri smartphone deals

belo, you’ll find my top picks for early black fri smartphone deals, including that of g, apple, samsung, and +.

  • current price: $850
  • original price: $1,000

ever since samsung made the push for “ultra” smartphones, the + model s'been left inna dust, but not entirely forgotten. that’s cause it mostly retains the big-phone features that come w'da ultra but in a + affordable, less polarizing form factor. i’d go as far as to say that the samsung galaxy s22 + tis sleeper pick for the best all-round smartphone this yr. 

t'has a generous 6.8-inch flat display that refreshes at 120hz, a 50-megapixel main shooter that can capture videos as sharp as 8k, and is powered by qualcomm’s tried and tested snapdragon 8 gen 1 processor. rite now, best buy has the phone discounted by $150, no strings attached. 

  • current price: $450
  • original price: $650

if you’re tired of always sitting by an outlet, w8in impatiently for yr smartphone to charge just enough to last the rest of the dy, then the one+ 10t ‘d be on yr radar. it’s the l8st handset from one+ and offers the fastest wired charging of any smartphone onna us mkt, topping up from 0% to 100% within 25 minutes.

the phone can be had for $450 rite now with an activation at best buy, but don’t let the discounted price cloud you from the flagship features that come with it. that includes the l8st qualcomm snapdragon 8+ gen 1 chipset, 8gb of ram, a quad-camera setup, and an ultra-smooth 120hz refresh rate display. 

  • current price: $760
  • original price: $1,000

i reviewed the iphone 14 pro alongside zdnet colleague jason hiner backin sep, and while apple’s l8st handset dazzled with improved camera features and its most ambitious display feature yet: dynamic island, it didn’t feel like a revelation compared to the iphone 13 pro from the yr b4. that said, if you were hoping to buy an iphone for less goin into black fri, this $240 discount onna excellent iphone 13 pro is certainly worth the look. 

for transparency, the phone is certified “refurbished” by walmart, meaning it s'been fully inspected and will look as good as new. barring that, you can expect the same ios 16 experience that one ‘d get onna +-expensive iphone 14 pro and a + traditional notched display.

  • current price: $420
  • original price: $600

g’s pixel 6 was quite the val pick-up last yr and still is tody. in many ways, the non-pro pixel is actually superior to the +-premium sibling, s'as the flat-edged display, the similarly-sized battery cap, na fact that you’re gettin all the software perks of the pro variant for a cheaper price. 

the pixel 6 rite now s'on sale for $420, a $180 mark-down from the retail cost of the 128gb model. at that price, i ‘d argue that it’s the best phone you can buy inna mid-range sector.

  • current price: $600
  • original price: $800

the one+ 10 pro is 1-odda better smartphones that fell under everyone’s radar this yr, mainly cause twas anncd backin jan at ces. as one+’s flagship smartphone, the handset carries the much-expected duet of ultra-smooth display performance and even faster charging. no, seriously, the phone comes witha 65w charging brick that can power it from 0% to 100% within ½ an hr.

all things pondered, you teknically save $300 usds with best buy’s deal cause the one+ 10 pro retailed at $900 when twas 1st released earlier this yr.

  • current price: $1150
  • original price: $1400

inna running for best smartphone of the yr, the samsung galaxy s22 ultra, with its gorgeous 6.8-inch oled display, up to 8k video recording, s pen support, and a generous 5,000mah battery, has proven to be the korean giant’s most complete handset yet. this early black fri, amazon has the 512gb variant discounted by $250, putting the galaxy rite beside the l8st iphone 14 pro with 4 times the storage cap.

  • current price: $250
  • original price: $300

cheap phones are gettin good, as samsung’s l8st sub-$300 phone can attest to. the galaxy a23 5g is currently selling for just $250 with, get this: a large 6.6-inch fhd+ display with 120hz refresh rate, 5,000mah battery, up to 1tb of storage via microsd, and a tried-and-tested qualcomm snapdragon 695 processor atta helm. those are promising specs for wha’ easily counts as a budget phone. 

sure, you’ll lose out onna extensive software support that +-expensive phones benefit from, na camera mite not shoot the best photos inna dark, but if you just want a handset that gets djob' done for a fraction of the cost, then look no further than this.

  • current price: $200
  • original price: $300

‘oer the last two yrs, one+ has carved up a new segment of smartphones that focuses on bringing val to cheaper price points — n'it’s gotten really good at it. the nord n20 5g, released earlier this yr, is among the few nominees for best cheap 5g phone in 2022. the reasoning is actually pretty simple. for one, t'has a sharp-looking 6.43-inch amoled display — a rarity in this sub-$300 mkt. then there’s the 128gb of base storage, 4,500mah battery, and 33w fast charging that laps that of motorola and samsung’s lo-mid range offerings. 

you can snag the one+ nord n20 5g for as lo as $200 rite now with activation at best buy.

amazon black fri smartphone deals

here are some other black fri smartphone deals happening rite now at amazon:

best buy black fri smartphone deals

here are some other black fri smartphone deals happening rite now at best buy:

when it comes to finding the best deal, pt of the equation is looking for smartphones that usrs will actually enjoy using. by testing most of the handsets that hit the open mkt all yr long, zdnet’s team of subject experts can offa'da best advice on wha’ to buy and wha’ to avoid. 

the 2nd pt of the equation is determining whether or not a deal is real or not. in some cases, retailers will mark down a product knowing full well that it s'been discounted for weeks and mnths b4. in other cases, like the ones mentioned above, you’re saving mny onna essentialisms like never b4. 

black fri always falls the dy after thxgiving. this yr, black fri ll'be on nov. 25, 2022.

cyber mon is always the folloing mon after black fri. this yr, it ll'be on mon, nov. 28, 2022.

zdnet scoured black fri sales to find the best deals:

our experts also split out the best deals by retailer, brand, and category, which you can see belo.

black fri deals by retailer

black fri deals by brand

black fri deals by category

finally, here are somd' cheapest deals we’ve found sfar:

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