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starcodes for the week of nov 18–24, 2022

this week keep it real and keep a sense of humor nearby to enjoy thxgiving, that outspoken sagittarian holidy where unusual frankness ‘oer the dinner table can provoke uproarious moments, outline future battle lines, or clear up family troubles.

feel the shift as planets move from brooding halloeen towards generous thxgiving. ‘oer the last few dys mercury and venus left scorpio and entered sagittarius, the sun and moon follo inna dys b4 thxgiving. we ‘d easily lose our train of thought this week but ‘d be willing to let go of some resentment, worry, or obsession and feel + prepared for the future.

this sagittarian lineup also helps us open the scope of our thought and help us move from local politics to national, and from national to global awareness. it can make us impatient, and that impatience encourages spontaneous quest, b'we ‘d skip primordial steps or take shortcuts unless we remember to think of the consequences of our actions.

now mars is still retrograde and out of bounds in verbal gemini and can tempt us t'get caught in a war of words if we’re not thoughtful as we speak. with this mars we may nd'2 talk a lot, process all kinds of ideas, but nd'2 be aware of the consequences of our words swell as our actions, even whn'we’re feeling witty.

this shift toward sagittarius can also help us find an honest response to recent tragedies. it’s a good time for us to think bout problems of the past that still ‘ve the hooks in us and choose to pry them out. let go of energy that keeps us stuck inna past- whether that knotted-up energy is from the last election or a time when our toes were stepped upon or a gr8 wrong was done. ponder how to forgive without letting them off the hook. take an opportunity forgive without enabling bad behavior, a chance to hit a reset button while still giving honest and straiteforward feedback.
as we finished the week let’s deal with any anxiety or inferiority complex that tweaks up. we ‘d wanda if we're doin’ enough, will ‘ve enough, or nd'2 tend to some recently-hurt feelings as the sun sxtiles pluto under the virgo moon.

the moon shifts into libra for the weekend and brings a + sociable and aesthetic energy. early nxt week the scorpio moon encourages focused efficiency. the sun enters sagittarius nxt tue, folloed by the moon on wed, na holidy energy begins. let these placements open our ♥s and homes during this the most travelled time of the yr. be neat to pplz, connection matters so much + than perfection this week, our whole idea of perfection is in metamorphosis.

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fri, nov 18: organize, complete, prepare. a slice of crit perfectionism can sharpen our edges but goes contrary to a certain environmental spaciness, we can drop the details or get bored with wha’ we’re doin’ as the virgo moon opposes neptune in jupiter this afternoon though crankiness can be tempting, let’s not be too hard on ourselves or others. sort priorities, stick to it, and celebrate every step completed along the way.

moon trine uranus 2:23 am, moon opposed neptune 2:11 pm, moon □ mars 2:35 pm, sun sxtile pluto 2:37 pm, moon trine pluto 9:25 pm, moon sxtile sun 10 pm.

sat, nov 19: it’s easy to be distracted tody, we can forget wha’ we’re doin’, run round to all the ≠ piles of projects and lose track of our process. don’t borrow unnecessary anxiety. instead look for + productive form of excitement and make the necessary + entertaining. lists help follo through. l8r, drop inna'da ♥ and let the imagination roam as the moon enters relationship-oriented libra and mars □s confusing, softening neptune. just be careful wha’ projections or assumptions get made in those tender interpersonal nexus. don’t snag on lil things; let go of less relevant short-term goals and prioritize connection and creativity 1st.

moon opposed jupiter 1:46 am, moon enters libra 3:57 am, mars □ neptune 8:43 am, moon sxtile mercury 10:53 am, moon sxtile sun 2:15 pm.

sun, nov 20: we focus best in lil time units, but with timing and tracking we can get can it all done as the libra moon forms a grand air trine with active mars in gemini and efficient saturn in aquarius. don’t squash ideas or become controlling bout other pplz’s contributions; encourage creative solutions even wha’’s offered aint wha’ was expected as the sun trines jupiter. be grateful for every drop of helpfulness and watch pplz shine.

moon trine saturn 3:18 pm, moon trine mars 8:37 pm, sun trine jupiter 9:07 pm.

mon, nov 21: the scorpio moon sharpens our tongue, our perceptions, and concentration while our inner chaos demon distracts us with non-sequiturs as mercury conjunct venus in sagittarius. realm news, travel plans, future potential can all impinge on our thinking, we may juggle so much we just nd'2 unpack and sort our brains. none of this is pticularly good at noticing the feelings of pplz nearby, so be kind and be careful bout stepping on each other’s toes accidentally.

moon □ pluto 4:14 am, moon enters scorpio 10:15 am, mercury conjunct venus 3:54 pm.

tue, nov 22: our Ψs ‘ve places to go and things to do, but our ♥s are easily distracted. the sun enters sagittarius and calls us out to play while that scorpio moon □s serious saturn and changeable uranus and needo finish wha’ we’re doin’ and make a difference. timeshare tween joy and work, focus and fun. reel in some unspoken anxiety and accept there’s 1-ly so much that can be done this week.
sun enters sagittarius 1:20 am, moon opposes uranus to 2:04 pm, moon □ saturn 7:32 pm.

wed, nov 23: things may look + hopeful and possible as the moon enters peripatetic sagittarius and conjuncts the sun this afternoon as jupiter turns direct after mnths retrograde. minor accidents can happen whn'we tried to do too much at once or focus on where we’re goin, but not where we're atta moment. it’s a gr8 dy for travel as long as we keep our eyes open and stay situationally and emotionally aware; a few minutes won’t matter even if we’re feeling rushed. enjoy the quest. na' + metaphysical lvl, think bout this new moon as an opportunity to close the chapter and open a new one, to let go of unnecessary emotional baggage and travel + litely but wisely inna'da future.

moon trine jupiter 11:15 am, moon enters sagittarius 3:57 pm, moon conjunct the sun 3:57 pm, jupiter stations direct 4:02 pm.

thu, nov 24: savor teamwork appreciate a sense of humor, find mistakes funny, enjoy minor moments of slapstick. work with kindness round a flare of difficult conversation, news, or irritation early afternoon as mercury semi-□s pluto; and say 1-ly wha’ is useful swell as honest. if something burns- relax and try something else. l8 afternoon the rhythm flos if we’re flexible bout timing. tonite, know when to take a break or take a walk as moon opposes cranky mars. l8 nite conversation ‘d offer an opportunity to heal or share a personal story that another mite find helpful as mercury trines chiron.

moon conjunct venus 6:25 am, moon conjunct mercury, 7:48 am, mercury semi-□ pluto 1:39 pm, moon sxtile saturn 9:15 pm, moon oppose mars 11:35 pm, mercury trine chiron, 11:46 pm.

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