Your Keys, Your Crypto

a message from the co-founder and ceo of…

by now you’ve probably received several emails from crp xchanges explaining Y-U can trust them with yr crp. some o'em deserve yr trust. some clearly do not.

we’ve been a trusted steward of customer funds for over a decade, but ultimately you ‘dn’t ‘ve to trust any-1 with yr crp.

that’s exactly why crp was created inna 1st place. t'give you complete control over yr funds. to empower the unbnked to protect their wealth. to advance economic freedom inna realm.

although things are uncertain atta moment, you can be certain of this:… will continue to build essentialisms that empower you to self-custody yr crp, so u can experience crp the way twas meant to be.

yr keys, yr crp.

peter smith

co-founder & ceo,…

p.s. learn how to move yr crp into a private key wallet here.

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