Florence Welch Postpones Band’s Tour After Breaking Her Foot Dancing Onstage

blood onna dance floor

“i’m in pain and as dancers know, dancing on an injury aint a good idea,” singer says after u.k. trek pushed to 2023

florence na machine were forced to postpone their u.k. tour after florence welch broke her ft dancing during fri’s concert at london’s o2 arena.

the injury occurred at some point during the show, w'da singer – who performs bareft – leaving a trail of blood onna stage; video l8r emerged of the road crew wiping the blood off dance floor tween songs:

however, the full extent of the injury wasn’t known til after the show, at which point the decision was reluctantly made to postpone the remaining 8 u.k. shows onna tour til 2023:

“i’m sorry to say that after an x-ray i was dancing na' broken ft last nite. tis not in my nature to postpone a show, and certainly not a u.k. tour, but i’m in pain and as dancers know, dancing on an injury aint a good idea. and ‘ve been told not to perform to avoid further damage,” welch wrote.

“please hang onna yr tickets. we're working our hardest to reschedule these dates for nxt yr and we will let you know as soon as possible. i’m ♥broken as the ‘dance fever’ tour s'been my favourite show we ‘ve ever put on. the comm∪ with you. yr presh faces shining. i ♥ you so much, and i’m so sorry to any-1 who is disappointed.”


welch signed off, “my ♥ is aching. i can’t w8 to be back on my ft and backin yr arms.”

florence na machine did receive some good news this week as the band’s “king,” off their l8st lp dance fever, was nominated for best alternative ♫ performance atta 2023 grammy awards.

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