96 best Black Friday deals on TVs, laptops, and tech

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editor’s notewe’re taking a short break to ‘ve dinner with our families. we’ll be back brite and early at 4am et on black fri. inna meantime, ☺ thxgiving everyone! 

although black fri is still two dys away, you don’t ‘ve to w8 to snag the yr’s best deals on tek. rite now, we’re seeing tons of early black fri discounts on tvs, laptops, tablets, phones, and even apple essentialisms like the airpods and ipad. a № of big retailers — including amazon, walmart, and best buy — ‘ve already marked down the hottest devices and toys

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zdnet editors are tracking the best black fri 2022 sales, rite here. if you like to save mny, bookmark this page and be sure to come back for up-to-the-minute discounts. atta top, you’ll see the last two hrs of the newest black fri deals we ‘d find. farther down the page, rather than focus onna l8st deals, we’ve sorted the best black fri deals into categories. 

l8st black fri deals

please refer to the table of contents to quickly navigate and don’t forget to refresh the page to see the most recent updates. 

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best black fri tv deals

whether you’re buying yr 1st tv or upgrading yr home theater, these awesome black fri and cyber mon deals make it + affordable than ever. brands like samsung, sony, lg, and tcl ‘ve gr8 discounts on already budget-friendly models swell as high-end tvs for shoppers looking for premium features like oled panels and vrt surround sound.

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the deals belo are ordered from oldest (top) to l8st (bottom):

best black fri laptop deals

it’s nov, which, among other things, means black fri deals and discounts on laptops of all kinds from retailers and laptop manufacturers. black fri s'on nov. 25, but'a sales engine is already up and running. there are some excellent deals to be had throughout the mnth. zdnet is rounding up its top picks for the best laptop deals ahead of black fri.

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the deals belo are ordered from oldest (top) to l8st (bottom):

best black fri tablet deals

black fri tis biggest shopping time of the yr, but gone are the dys of w8in inna cold outside of stores t'get the best deals. now, you can get discounts on anything online. black fri is 1-odda 1-ly times of the yr tablets go on sale for $100 or even $500 off. we’ve rounded up the best black fri tablet deals from brands like apple and samsung.

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the deals belo are ordered from oldest (top) to l8st (bottom):

best black fri gaming deals

get a jump on yr christmas list with these awesome deals on gaming laptops, pcs, consoles, and accessories. retailers like amazon, best buy, and target all ‘ve huge discounts on everything you nd'2 create the ultimate gaming space in yr home.

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the deals belo are ordered from oldest (top) to l8st (bottom):

best black fri home deals

we found the deepest discounts you can get now on top-rated smart thermostats, video doorbells, security cameras, robot vacuums, and smart kitchen tek like instant pots. you will wanna kit out yr home/ office with these hot essentialisms all on sale.

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the deals belo are ordered from oldest (top) to l8st (bottom):

best black fri streaming deals

streaming gives you the best options for entertainment, customizable to yr preferences and budget. the black fri deals belo encompass streaming subscriptions to srvcs like tube premium and apple tv, smart tvs with streaming capabilities, and streaming devices thall transform the tv you ‘ve into one compatible with yr favorite srvcs. 

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the deals belo are ordered from oldest (top) to l8st (bottom):

best black fri headphone deals

if yr holidys ‘d be happier witha pair of headphones to either blast or block out cheesy christmas songs, look no further. while headphones and earbuds are primordial accessories, their pricing can be + than practical. with black fri onna horizon, we compiled a list of the best headphone deals so u can beat the holidy rush while wearing buds. 

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the deals belo are ordered from oldest (top) to l8st (bottom):

best black fri smartphone deals

if you held off on upgrading yr smartphone til the holidy shopping season, yr patience is finally bein’ rewarded. these are the best early black fri deals thall save you hundreds on prime-time handsets. we’ve scoured the digital catalogs of the most pop retailers to gather the best mobile deals belo. read on and start saving. 

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the deals belo are ordered from oldest (top) to l8st (bottom):

best black fri smartwatch deals

sometimes relying on yr phone to see wha’ time tis, how many steps you took, and wha’ the weather will look like 2morro can get a lil annoying. but with smartenvisages, you can get access to all those features and so much +.  check out these early deals on smartenvisages from the comfort of yr own home this holidy season.

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the deals belo are ordered from oldest (top) to l8st (bottom):

best black fri speaker deals

don’t w8 til after the turkey to start shopping. yr shopping carts maybe full of fixings for stuffing and cranberry sauce, but black fri starts early — so make space for some of our favorite deals on speakers, soundbars, and subwoofers. 

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the deals belo are ordered from oldest (top) to l8st (bottom):

+ black fri tek deals

ok, here’s all the other random — but still cool — tek we found on sale.

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the deals belo are ordered from oldest (top) to l8st (bottom):

zdnet editors ‘ve experience tracking prices and hunting down deals 365 dys a yr. take a peek at our deals hub — we know how to find bargains. our process starts by identifying the hottest and most pop essentialisms of the yr, whether it’s the airpods or the l8st ipad, and thn'we conduct a painstaking process that involves checking major retailers and others you may ‘ve never heard bout (but are still trusted stores). 

once we’ve taken note of where each item is available and for how much, we use price-tracking tulz to look at each product’s price history. from there, we can map out whether it’s frequently on sale or has hit an all-time lo. anything that isn’t at least 20% off doesn’t make the cut*, and course, we don’t even ponder things that ‘ve had their prices hiked up in recent weeks 1-ly to be loered for black fri. we’re not noobs. 

we’ve shopped online just as much as you, b'we’re experts at finding tek deals actually worth buying, which saves you time shopping so u can get back to enjoying the holidys with friends and family. 

except for apple essentialisms nother devices that seldom go on sale.

black fri takes place every yr onna dy after thxgiving. this yr, black fri 2022 falls on fri, nov. 25. but, honestly, black fri is no longer just a 24-hr event. it’s morphed into weeks of bird deals, doorbusters, and even early sales that start in oct. 

and don’t forget there’s cyber mon! 

black fri and cyber mon are synonymous with big sales that kick off the holidy shopping season. while black fri deals started in oct this yr and can include brick-and-mortar stores and online retailers, cyber mon sales are primarily online and can extend black fri an entire week — ultimately turning into cyber week. cyber mon is always the mon after thxgiving, so this yr it falls on nov. 28.

zdnet scoured black fri sales to find the best deals this yr:

our experts also split out the best deals by retailer, brand, and category, which you can see belo.

black fri deals by retailer

black fri deals by brand

black fri deals by category

here are somd' cheapest deals we’ve found sfar:

finally, if you’d like to see the newest black fri deals as they drop:

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