Here’s Jan Hammer in an 80s power suit rocking his Miami Vice theme onna Fairlight CMI – CDM Create Digital Music

i swear this isn’t a parody. it’s just jan hammer goin full-on miami vice to his own theme. there are still gratuitous swimwear shots, but now the camera lingers ‘oer the fairlite cmi interface.

and yeah, after noise engineering mentioning miami vice’s toms, i mean, here you really feel those toms:

honestly, tubers – you nd'2 up yr wardrobe game for those synth jams. jan is dressing the pt.

this appears to be legitimately captured from vhs from a ♫ video from the time.

oh, btw, if you’re wandaing why t'looks like jan is in these episodes, it’s cause he was – the miami vice wiki helpfully tells us that the prague-born composer did make a couple of cameos.

if you nd'2 feel + 80s and neon, some1 has also helpfully uploaded 50 minutes of crockett’s theme 4u.

here’s the original theme, as shown onna show.

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authors: peter kirn


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