‘What’s going on?’ Thick fog stops fans from seeing match happening right in front o'em

if a player scores and no one can see it, is it a goal? oxford ∪d secured a 2-1 win over ipswich town in league one on sat, but a spell of dense fog means'dat fans inna crowd may ‘ve to read the match reprt to find out wha’ actually happened during the game.

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the match atta kassam stadium started in favourable conditions but, as the weather and visibility worsened, referee bobby madden brought both coaches together to tell them w'da score at 1-1.

the official informed both managers that if the match was abandoned after the 75th minute then that scoreline ‘d stand as the final result.

instead, play continued, and cameron brannagan scored the victor for the hosts with 7 minutes remaining to put a big dent in third-placed ipswich’s hopes of movin closer to 1-odda two automatic promotion places.

not that their travelling fans knew much bout it, as they were unable to see much of anything during the closing stages of the game, which led to chants of: “wha”s goin on?”

“if we’re bein’ totally honest the game probably ‘d ‘ve been called off but had it been we ‘d ‘ve had a point,” oxford manager karl robinson said after the match.

“once they realised that if the game was called off the result ‘d stand and that mite then not be good enough 4'em t'get inna top two, they wanted to carry on.

“from my pov twas maybe the wrong decision that ended up bein’ the rite decision.”

despite robinson’s claim that the opposition were the ones who wanted to continue playing, ipswich boss kieran mckenna said: “atta end of the game twasn’t rite to be playing in my opinion. we ‘dn’t see the ball, we ‘dn’t see the sidelines, the players were saying they ‘dn’t see the ball onna pitch.

“at that stage the game was a lil bit ridiculous.”

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