Singer Brandi Carlile talks ambition, avoidance and finally finding her place

the grammy victor got her start as a kid, singing backup for an elvis impersonator. her memoir, broken horses, is bout her early life na family she’s built. originally broadcast in apr 2021. david bianculli, host: this is fresh air….

Science fiction throws light onna present

from robot rebellions to climate apocalypses, sci fiction envisions the consequences of our actions and societal choices in a + or less near – and often discomforting – future. in so doin’ it contributes to the debates on contemporary issues….

“Memory is a cardinal value of modern democratic societies”

in 2027 a memorial-museum dedicated to terrorism will open inna western paris suburb of suresnes. the historian henry rousso, chair of the preliminary project, gives us an overview of the future museum and memorial of terrorism. sadly, terrorism is now…